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Lime Fresh Mexican Grill at River Landing: Where every bite tells a story of community and flavor!

Grant Gussin, the franchisee behind Lime Fresh Mexican Grill's success, shares the secrets to catering to all ages and palates

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill has become a beloved dining spot for families and individuals seeking an array of flavorful Mexican dishes in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Behind this success is Grant Gussin, the franchise owner of Lime Fresh Mexican Grill in River Landing, who treats each store as a neighborhood gem, offering a little something for everyone. In an exclusive interview with Calle Ocho News, Gussin shares the strategies that have contributed to the restaurant's reputation for catering to diverse tastes and ensuring an unforgettable experience for customers of all ages.

Here is some of what you can expect at Lime Fresh Mexican Grill.

The recipe for family-friendly vibes

Gussin attributes Lime's triumph to its unique approach of treating each store as a neighborhood mom-and-pop establishment. He emphasized that despite being a big name brand, the restaurant strives to create an inviting atmosphere that makes customers feel at home rather than in a chain. The vibrant music and décor further contribute to the upbeat and welcoming vibe, appealing to families, friends, and individuals alike.

Dishes at Lime restaurant

A menu that leaves no palate behind

Unlike many Mexican eateries focusing solely on tacos and burritos, Lime Fresh Mexican Grill has introduced diverse menu innovations to cater to various tastes and dietary preferences. From quesadillas and salads to bowls and guacamole, the restaurant ensures something for everyone. Vegetarians and vegans also find abundant options, and Gussin proudly proclaimed that their veggie tacos and quesadillas are just as delectable as their meat-based counterparts.

People dining at Lime Restaurant

Strategies to attract diverse demographics

Gussin shared that his marketing strategy is to attract a diverse range of customers. He told us that to stand out in the competitive restaurant industry, Lime Fresh Mexican Grill adopts strategies that cater to a broad audience. Affordability plays a crucial role, with a price point accommodating a Saturday night out with family and a casual meet-up with friends for happy hour on a Tuesday.

However, the key differentiator lies in their commitment to exceptional service, he remarked. Gussin emphasized that service is the cornerstone of the brand and ensures that his team also follows the same level of commitment to customer service. By offering a unique table service in a fast-casual setting, the restaurant enhances the customer experience, encouraging customers to return not just for the food but for the outstanding service.

Memorable experiences and customer feedback

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill's commitment to delivering memorable experiences is evident from the glowing customer feedback and reviews on platforms like Yelp and Google. Gussin proudly shared how their catering service has become a significant part of their business model. From catering to offices and house parties to schools and hospitals, Lime has found new avenues to connect with customers and spread its brand through this unique marketing avenue.

Lime has catered for numerous professional baseball and basketball teams and many major college sports programs, including catering for flights back home after the Miami Marlins series. Lime Fresh Mexican Grill continues to find new avenues for catering, which they believe is an excellent way to market the restaurant. The relationship built along the way with professionals and corporations allows them to grow their reach.

Talking about their famous happy hour, Gussin recalled the positive feedback they received from customers when they tried different offers for 4-6 p.m. happy hours in all stores. They have brought back their cult-following and award-winning frozen margaritas. Customers can enjoy the happy hour seven days a week from 4-6 pm. Beers are offered at half the actual price, original tacos for $2, and Margaritas are $6. This is the restaurant’s way to generate more customer traffic during summer.

Person squeezing Lime over dish

A glimpse into the future

Looking ahead, Gussin shared their exciting plans for Lime Fresh Mexican Grill. A menu renovation is on the horizon, with around 40-50% of the offerings getting a refreshing upgrade. New options, proteins, flavors, and sauces will be introduced, while old favorites will remain on the menu. To cater to the adventurous and the loyal alike, the restaurant will even feature a secret menu with customized options based on customer preferences.

A final message to the community

In his closing statement, Grant Gussin invites the community to experience the warmth, flavor, and service that Lime Fresh Mexican Grill has to offer. He assures customers that the restaurant will continue to strive for excellence, both in culinary delights and customer experience, making Lime a go-to spot for all ages and palates.

For those looking to satiate their tastebuds with standard Mexican food and homemade sides and salsas, visit their brand new River Landing location or any of the other five locations throughout Miami-Dade.

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