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Hip-Hop star Flo Rida acquires Miami Gardens shopping center

Miami's renowned rapper invests $10 million in a thriving retail center called Miami Gardens.

Multi-platinum hip-hop artist Tramar Dillard, popularly known as Flo Rida, is making waves in real estate as he secures a $10 million deal for the popular Miami Gardens shopping center, Cloverleaf Plaza. With a thriving music career marked by hits like "Good Feeling," "Low," and "My House," Flo Rida's venture into the real estate market reflects his growing entrepreneurial spirit. David Heinrich brokered this strategic investment with Keyes Co., showcasing the rapper's commitment to diversifying his business ventures beyond the realm of music.

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Flo Rida: from music to real estate

Cloverleaf Plaza, a 27,800-square-foot retail center located at 18130, 18138, 18164, and 18230 Northwest Second Avenue and 230 Northwest 183rd Street, has caught the attention of Miami's native son, Flo Rida. The property boasts a rich history, dating back to 1955, with additions in 1962 and 1963, and is affixed by the popular Studio 183 Lounge.

According to Loopnet, the plaza enjoys full occupancy, housing various tenants, including Boost Mobile, Top Notch Cigars & Smoke Shop, Creole Kitchen, and Cloverleaf Beauty Supply. Flo Rida's acquisition signals a promising investment opportunity, tapping into the thriving retail sector and contributing to the economic growth of Miami Gardens.

Flo Rida on stage

Hip-Hop artists diversifying portfolios

Flo Rida is not the only hip-hop artist venturing into the world of real estate in South Florida. In a notable example, Kodak Black, also known as Bill Kahan Kapri, made headlines in February by purchasing two commercial retail buildings in his hometown, Pompano Beach.

Acquiring the 0.7-acre assemblage for $1.8 million, Kodak Black plans to renovate one retail building and redevelop the second one into a brand-new center. The growing trend of rappers expanding their financial horizons beyond waterfront residential buildings proves a shift in their investment strategies. With music as their foundation, these artists are leveraging the power of their fame and wealth to explore diverse business opportunities.

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