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SFLHCC’s Liliam Lopez awarded Doctor Honoris Causa by St. Thomas University

Liliam Lopez’s alma meter St. Thomas University awarded her with Doctor Honoris Cause 

The president and CEO of SFLHCC (South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce), Liliam Lopez was granted a Doctor Honoris Cause Award in Humanities and Arts by St. Thomas University. She was also the guest speaker for the graduation ceremony of the university.

This award is another milestone that has positioned SFLHCC in the list of the top five biggest and best chambers in the country. Continue reading this news.

Liliam Lopez: How did it all begin?

SFLHCC, which now comprises 1600 members, was founded in 1994 by Liliam Lopez and three other members. SFLHCC is the first-ever women-led chamber in Miami. In 1996, she initiated SFLHCC’s foundation, through which she provided $1 million in scholarships for low-income minority students.

Lopez, originally from Cuba, graduated in political science from St. Thomas University. She’s also received a paralegal studies certification from the University of Miami. She worked for two years with SALAD (Spanish American League Against Discrimination) and later realized her dream of creating a chamber to support the community.

SFLHCC was the only active chamber when the pandemic wreaked havoc. The chamber has stringent measures to ensure participant safety during in-person events. They reserved each table for a single person to maximize comfort and safety. These measures paid off in the form of a drastic increase in memberships.

Liliam Lopez holding award

Equal level playing field for everyone

The purpose of SFLHCC is to create an open space for everyone regardless of the size or nature of their company. This chamber is integrated by big corporations and small and medium enterprises alike.

To make good on its commitment to inclusivity, the chamber only charges a small fee of $300 for small businesses to become a member. Being part of SFLHCC comes with incredible benefits ranging from year-round events and activities for members to grow their network and alliance with other businesses.

Besides supporting businesses, Liliam Lopez’s SFLHCC also works to support students. The chamber organizes trips to major corporations, including Coca-Cola, Facebook ad Microsoft. Lopez, a mother, and a leader, continues to work to provide funds and scholarships for Hispanic students who come from low-income and broken homes.

This award recognized her efforts and unwavering commitment to creating an inclusive and open space for everyone.

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