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Liliam Lopez: Mother, Leader, Advocate for Decades

Learn more about Liliam Lopez and the work she does as CEO and President of the SFLHCC

Liliam Lopez, Chairperson of the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, gave us insight into the chamber's incredible work that she has been doing over the past few decades.

The pandemic was the turning point for the SFLHCC

While the chamber has been around for decades, actively working to uplift Hispanic business owners for a long time, the pandemic changed things drastically. While the rest of South Florida was under strict COVID restrictions, the SFLHCC took incredible measures to host events in person, going so far as to accommodate one person per table to ensure attendees felt safe.

It paid off immensely because membership drastically went up during that time and has continued to increase since.

A photo of Liliam M. Lopez smiling at the camera while standing in

How the SFLHCC is helping the community

In addition to working for businesses in the community, they've worked with various sponsors and companies to support students in the community too. They've continued to organize trips to major companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Coca Cola, and more while offering scholarships to students interested in culinary arts and healthcare.

They're primarily working for Hispanic students from broken homes and low-income backgrounds, giving them a fair chance at exploring the world around them. This is one of the many ways Liliam Lopez and the SFLHCC continue to give back to those around them and will do so in the next few months too. On March 25, 2022 they even held their coveted Hispanic Leadership Awards at the Biltmore Hotel and various exciting events coming up in the next few months are sure to delight many in the community that seek to network and be social. To join in on the networking made possible by the SFLHCC go to their website or follow them on Instagram. @SFLHCC

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