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Get Ready for the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce's Hispanic Leadership Awards 2022

Celebrate excellence at the Hispanic Leadership Awards 2022 this March

Hispanic Leadership Awards 2022

March is here, which means it's almost time for the much-anticipated and eagerly awaited Hispanic Leadership Awards held each year on the third Friday of March.

Hosted and organized by the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SFLHCC), the Hispanic Leadership Awards is one that members of the business community, public service, and various other sectors look forward to each year.

A photo of three guests, including Roland Sanchez Medina, from an event hosted by the  South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Details about this year's event

This year's Hispanic Leadership Awards, as per custom, has been scheduled for the third Friday of March, which falls on the 25th of the month. The event includes an award ceremony, followed by a luncheon that aims to celebrate and commemorate some of the brightest, most dedicated individuals from the Hispanic community.

In particular, businessmen and businesswomen are the show's stars, having their contributions and community efforts highlighted, being bestowed with awards and accolades, and receiving appreciation that they deserve for their work in the community.

Honorees have been announced online and can be found on the official social media page of the SFLHCC. Take a look at their Instagram page @sflhcc for more details.

A photo of a guest and Lililam M. Lopez, president of the  South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Work done by the SFLHCC

The SFLHCC has been instrumental in celebrating and uplifting the incredibly talented Hispanic individuals who make South Florida's business community so vibrant, diverse, and successful. The organization is headed by equally impressive leadership, including Liliam M. Lopez and Roland Sanchez-Medina, who, along with others, have been working tirelessly to celebrate, support, and educate local business owners. From fundraisers to educational efforts, they've done it all.

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