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Leonardo Ferrari of La Palapa talks about MODERN DAY MAD MEN

Leonardo Ferrari

How to rethink local advertising

We live connected to a more international world than ever. Instant communication, real time news, and global products are available to us each second. We can buy any goods from the other side of the world and have it delivered to our door the next day. Today’s technology gives us access to products and services like never before. Online platforms allow us to compare features and prices in seconds. But regardless of these facts, algorithms are not human. Modern day advertising experts know this. This is the case of Leonardo Ferrari, an Argentinian creative who understood that technology should be a tool to help make better human connections, not just computerized transactions. “Local businesses keep being the heart and soul of every community” he said.

This may be the reason why shopping local feels better. Watching the face of the shop owner generates trust. A recommendation of a person we know still drives sales better than advertising.  To some degree, we think people are still looking for the perfect balance between optimized online shopping and human contact.

In an interview with Leonardo Ferrari, owner of a creative agency based in Miami, he told us he is looking to help grow communities thru communication and marketing strategies to empower local businesses. This award winning creative is confident that the key to compete with global corporations is creativity and opportunity. He says “An authentic voice saying the right message, at the right time and place beats everything.”

Brand building and creative communication drives sales. Its that easy. What’s not easy is to take risks. It is difficult being an employee of a multinational company, and it is difficult being the owner of a family business. The eternal battle between being innovative and doing things like before is real. 

This could be a new beginning for the Latino community and Miami’s entrepreneurs (and specifically the Calle Ocho business owners) to take their marketing strategies to the next level. As Leonardo Ferrari says “This neighborhood has one of the most iconic identities in Miami. That is why La Palapa agency focuses its efforts on approaching this community with free business consultations to grow sales and visitors.  Creating new and modern communication campaigns based on its culture and history. Even how to create a unified community voice to address problems or reach new tourists and locals.” 

Many small business owners do not think advertising agencies are at their reach, but the fact is that agencies are always excited to work with brave brands. No matter the size of the company or the budget. The secret is that if creatives are motivated enough with your brand and find a great idea, the agency will try to use every asset at their disposal to make it happen. Creative agencies take many risks in the name of creativity. That is how their reputation is built. The only requirement? Guts. And trust.

Rosi Rosell

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