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Cuban Exile Members in Miami Crush Laura Pausini Records in Protest

In protest of Laura Pauisini’s recent actions, Cuban exile members rode a steamroller over the singer’s records

Members of the Cuban exile community in Miami are unhappy with a 2018 photo of Italian singer Laura Pausini. In an unusual act of protest, they passed a steamroller over the artist’s records to destroy them once and for all.

The demonstration took place on Saturday, May 21, 2022 in Miami, in front of the historic and iconic Versailles restaurant.

Why this happened to Laura Pausini

An image of Laura Pausini posing with Cuban police officers during her 2018 visit to the island sparked the protest. Miami Cuban exiles members held posters saying, "Castro, communist, friend of Diaz-Canel". They also trampled on banners picturing current US President Joe Biden.

Protestors were enraged at how the singer was smiling while standing next to members of State Security. The group's director, Miguel Saavedra, says that these are the same police officers who rough up the population.

A black poster reading “resist” in bold, white letters

Other reasons behind the protest

The Italian singer also had to cancel her Florida gig after testing positive for COVID-19. Pembroke Pines, a city northwest of Miami, was also slammed for hosting the Cuban VanVan orchestra.

An online petition started by Actions 4 Freedom urged the city to postpone the "communist" orchestra's performance. On the other hand, municipal officials insisted that canceling the event would put them in legal trouble.

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