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DeSantis Signs Bills Lauding Cuban exiles and Victims of Communism

Cuban exiles and those who’ve suffered under communist regimes will now have a special day dedicated to honoring their struggle

Governor Ron DeSantis signed two bills at the Freedom Tower, honoring Cuban exiles and those who’ve suffered due to a Communist regime. This is a landmark decision that acknowledges the generational pain and trauma experienced by thousands of Cuban immigrants who call Florida their home.

The aims of these bills

There are two bills that were signed by Gov. DeSantis, namely HB 395, which declared Nov. 7 as Victims of Communism Day, and SB 160, which will honor some Cuban exiles in Miami-Dade County by assigning them road designations.

These exiles are people who stood up to the Castro regime. The intersection between Southwest 23rd Avenue and Southwest 8th Street will officially become Arturo Diaz Artiles Plaza. At the same time, an area of State Road 953, aka LeJeune Road, will be known as Oswaldo Payá Way.

Artwork of a Cuban flag painted onto a door.

The need for more awareness

Every Nov. 7, from this year henceforth, will be dedicated to raising awareness about the devastating effects of communism, mandating that high school students learn about it too. This is in an attempt to communicate and explain the challenges of living in a communist regime, the devastation that comes with it, and the ways people’s lives were affected.

Governor DeSantis also discussed renovation plans for Freedom Tower and the budget that is in the pipeline. The building was a sanctuary for thousands of Cuban exiles as they found guidance, support, and assistance here between the 60s and early 70s. The proposed budget is around $25 million dollars, and they are currently awaiting approval.

While he has made a few controversial decisions in recent months, there’s also no denying that Ron DeSantis has also made decisions that have positively impacted many people. Among his more popular decisions is one to honor first responders through a bill.

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