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Inmate murdered and beaten by 3 officers charged

The police officers have been charged with the death of 60-year-old ​​Ronald Gene Ingram, an inmate murdered and beaten

Three officers have been charged with 60-year-old ​​Ronald Gene Ingram, who was an inmate murdered and assaulted at the Dade Correctional Institution. The men were arrested and taken into custody after Ingram passed away due to a beating before being transported to another facility.

The horrifying details of the inmate murdered

In another case of evident police brutality and abuse of power, three police offers at the Dade Correctional Institution violently beat an inmate murdered in February, leading to his untimely death. The 60-year-old victim was supposed to be transferred to another facility, Lake CI, when the officers, who’ve been identified as Ronald Connor, 24, Christopher Rolon, 29, and Kirk Walton, 34, brutally assaulted and beat him.

He was in the mental health unit at the prison, and before being transferred, acting out by throwing urine on one of the officers. The three proceeded to remove him from his cell, bound him with handcuffs, and battered him. He was so badly assaulted that he could not even walk to the van but rather had to be carried. He died on the way to the facility due to a punctured lung and internal bleeding, according to examiners.

An officer frisks and checks a young man who leans against the wall.

What’s expected in light of these charges

For the last 2.5 months, over 1700 hours of investigations, including witness statements, interviews, and more, have taken place.

Officially, the officers have been charged with second-degree murder, aggravated abuse of an elderly/disabled adult, and battery/cruel treatment of a detainee. Out of three, two are in custody, while one remains at large and has yet to be located.

The FDC has issued a statement condemning the officers’ actions and distancing themselves from the charged, reiterating that their institution is committed to safety and public service.

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