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Latin American culture and commerce in Miami and how it came to be a major hub

Celebrate Latin American culture and community in true Miami fashion

Miami is one of the most populous yet culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the world. They have an incredibly rich socio-cultural framework, with businesses and startups from across the board coming together in the best way possible.

One thing that stands out the most, however, is Miami’s rich Latin American culture and the strong Latino presence in the commercial landscape. Businesses, companies, and startups have long emerged from the Latino community in Miami because the city has acted as a cultural and commercial hub for various reasons.

Here are some factors that influence Latin American culture in Miami:

It’s home to several Latin American communities

Miami isn’t just home to Mexicans or Cubans; but rather, it’s a melting pot of Latin nationalities, including people from Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, Puerto Rico and many more countries in Latin America. Additionally, there are also several other communities in the city, leaving only a small non-Hispanic, white population in all of Miami.

This is interesting because it was primarily the Latin dominant population that helped Miami thrive and grow over the past four decades.

Two people work at a desk while running their business.

The location is strategically accessible to most

Miami’s strategic location is precisely what makes it so appealing to many immigrants. The coastal city is connected to several hubs and ports that people can easily travel through, making it the perfect gateway for Latin American culture to and from. It connects members of the existing community with those back home via business and trade relations.

Miami is always on-board with major commercial trends

Perhaps Miami’s strategic location and connectedness are what make it such a place of innovation. The city is always on trend with major economic and commercial trends, including its presence as a leader in fintech and startup growth, digitization of services, and more. Miami has been growing steadily as a cryptocurrency capital as well, encouraging the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and its very own MiamiCoin in everyday life. From salaries to grocery shopping, the city is encouraging greater use of it across the board.

An aerial view of Miami’s beach and city roads.

It allows many people to stay connected to their roots

What makes Miami so special, in addition to the above, is it allows many communities to stay connected to their roots. The influence of Latin cultures in Miami is deeply embedded in the social fabric, with everything from museums to restaurants to language being predominantly Latin-influenced. Music, food, and entertainment, as well as pop culture in the city as heavily integrated with Latin origins, which is what helps many people stay connected to their roots, express their identities, and bask in the glory of their homelands without a second thought. It’s a multi-cultural city with so much space for inclusion.

A photo of a popular bar and restaurant, Ball & Chain, in Little Havana

Latin communities stick together and back each other up

A major upside for many members of the Latin community has a strong personal and professional network. For many, it makes it easier to find steady jobs, find business partnerships and connections, resources, and more, which is why Latin-origin business owners in Florida have such a thriving community. There are also other avenues, such as the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, which help facilitate a lot of business networking while also acknowledging the effort made by business owners in the community.

Spanish is deeply integrated as a primary language

Culturally, socially, and from a business perspective, Spanish is deeply integrated as a primary language, which means that everyone from restaurant owners to medical professionals most likely speaks Spanish in Miami. A lot of exchange is done in the language, much of the leadership is Hispanic, and education and much more is derived from the language, too, helping many immigrants from Latin countries stay grounded, connected, and integrated.

Miami is undoubtedly one of the most thriving and diverse cities in the world, with some incredible people and communities that are running the show. It’s home to amazing talent and creativity and full of opportunities for those who seek them. You can always keep up to date with what’s happening in and around Miami by subscribing to Calle Ocho news. Their newsletter covers everything from business and economy to food and culture.

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