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Citadel’s founder, Ken Griffin, has big plans for Miami

Billionaire Ken Griffin is excited to transform Brickell with his unique plans

The Magic City is all set to be part of a plan that will have it looking a lot more different from what it is today. Miami will still have its fair share of nightclubs and all that makes Miami the Magic City, but the streets of Brickell are about to change portfolio managers and programmers working from the state-of-the-art Citadel headquarters will be a common sight.

The man behind this vision is none other than Florida's wealthiest person and proud founder of Citadel—Ken Griffin.

Here’s all you need to know about this matter.

Who is Ken Griffin?

Ken Griffin is the founder of a hedge fund firm, Citadel, and one of the biggest market-making firms on Wall Street, Citadel Securities. He moved to Miami from Chicago, becoming Florida's most affluent.

He has his hands full in business, philanthropy, and politics too. Many Miamians see Citadel as the ultimate medium that will turn Miami into a tech and finance state capital.

The founder of Citadel is achieving a remarkable accomplishment by moving to a more adaptable city during the peak of his professional career. In the state capital, he doesn't have a rival like the wealthy Democrat J.B. Pritzker; he has Republican Ron DeSantis, who Ken Griffin will support for president in 2024, even if he ran against Donald Trump.

Although his business has recently shifted to Miami, Griffin has dedicated a decade to assembling a real-estate footmark. Ken Griffins' hedge fund, Citadel, runs about $57 billion in assets.

What is Ken Griffins' plan?


Citadel will build a new tower in Brickell, developing this neighborhood entirely. Given Miami's cultural diversity, Ken Griffin is also looking forward to working with various employers and corporations. Once it's built, the new Citadel complex will become iconic in Miami in the next 5 to 6 years. In his vision, Griffin wants restaurants and retailers on the tower’s ground floor.

He also intends to pitch the office space to renowned and established US corporations, like Apple Inc. On the other hand, Griffin is prioritizing education for his philanthropic work. In fact, he's already in talks with various private educational institutions and advocates about opportunities.

In the past few years, Griffin has donated $25 million to local causes, and did most of it before his big move. He has previously supported the Miami Resiliency Fund, broadband access, and the Underline project, where Citadel employees will volunteer in the coming month.

Ken Griffin is all set to make the most of it with his innovative and brilliant plans.

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