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DeSantis uses immigrants as a political pawn with the Martha’s Vineyard stunt?

Many people feel that Governor DeSantis is exploiting innocent immigrants to get back at Biden

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has yet again tried to humiliate President Joe Biden with his latest stunt. Many people feel DeSantis might be trying to stir controversy and replace Biden in the Oval Office by moving immigrants detained at the Southern border to a posh neighborhood in New England that wasn't equipped to house them. While political supporters applauded this move, some considered it conniving.  

Here's more on DeSantis and the immigrants

What is Ron DeSantis doing?

While some feel Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis is exploiting innocent people who escaped their homeland to move to the United States. DeSantis is trying to make a political point and employ his presidential objectives. Currently, the entire nation has all eyes on DeSantis’s next move.

Making a statement, DeSantis justified his actions by commenting that states like New York, Massachusetts, and California, can facilitate and provide for these immigrants. He further added they were allowed here by "sanctuary states" encouraging illegal immigration to back Biden’s open-border strategies.

This offensive relocation, which came into effect on Wednesday, was funded by a state that has provided asylum to hundreds of thousands of immigrants since the 1960s, where they still lead productive lives.

The $12 million funds that Florida received for undocumented immigrants, granted by the Legislature this year, were used to pay for the airfare of the first group of about 50 refugees participating in what some feel is an offensive program to Massachusetts.

Lt. Gov. Jeanette Núñez hinted at the plan in a radio interview a few weeks ago, setting off a backlash in Miami, a city with a large immigrant population from countries including Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

The response

DeSantis 2

DeSantis’s action enraged many people in the public, and part of the public isn’t happy that Florida is following in Arizona and Texas' footsteps in exploiting people for political advantage. People further noted that immigrants were moved to the sophisticated community, where former President Barack Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris have properties.  

The media is covering this news, and pictures of immigrants are making rounds, where locals who weren’t expecting their arrival are seen greeting them. Reportedly, the community had to open church doors to accommodate the refugees. Sadly, Florida border officials told these immigrants they would be provided accommodation, food, and employment in the sanctuary city, but that wasn't the case.

Some Floridians oppose this move while others support it and feel that DeSantis is not using innocent people as pawns for political gains but showing the severity of the situation to the Biden administration.

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