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5 of the hottest Miami clubs for your next guys night out

Celebrate guys' night in style at the hottest Miami clubs, where you can drink, dance, and chill out

Everyone wants to let loose and have fun, especially when they're with the guys, and the clubs in Miami are some of the hottest places to hang out. Miami is crawling with bars and clubs that are perfect for your next night out.

 You can head to any of them for a great time and even check out special discounts and deals they might have on cover charges and entrance fees or drinks at the bar.

Check out the top 5 Miami clubs here:

LIV Miami

LIV Miami is one of the most exclusive yet popular Miami clubs in the entire city. It's an incredible location with some of the most exciting events and parties, and you can head there for a guaranteed good time. The club has some of the most exquisite choices for drinks and a popping atmosphere, and you're bound to find TV and film personalities frequenting the space.  


Got the itch to party last minute? Want to dance all night? E11EVEN has got you covered. The 24-hour after-hours nightclub is one of the best Miami clubs to hit it after a long day, giving you the best of everything from a performance venue to a  strip club and a swanky rooftop restaurant. You'll find trapeze artists and burlesque dancers all throughout the club, and it's definitely an experience worth having if you're ever out and about.

El Patio Wynwood

El Patio is the kind of place you head to for a special celebration. With Latino folk songs, some smooth reggaeton and salsa, the best booze, and a fun atmosphere, it's the perfect place for a night out with the guys. Dance, drink,  chill out, and enjoy how it brings cultures and traditions to life while still showing you an incredible time.

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While the name and everything inside this club might be a little on-the-nose, don't underestimate how much fun Basement is. You have access to a skating rink, a bowling alley, and a dance floor, among other perks and features. It's exactly the type of place you'd want to head to when you're looking to have some wholesome fun like you would back in the day, just with some alcohol, dancing, and some incredible music. You can also head over for a live DJ set and performances that are bound to make your night.


Twist is another one of Miami's most popular Miami clubs there are, especially amongst the LGBTQ+ community. It's got a great, safe environment and is perfect for anyone who just wants to let loose and dance the night away. You can enjoy their massive facility to the fullest, including three dancefloors and seven bars that offer special two-for-one drinks every day from 3 to 9 pm. It's the ultimate place for a good time with the gang.

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