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Observe Healthy Aging Month with free screenings at Care Resource

The Florida-based non-profit organization, Care Resource, is providing no-cost screenings for seniors in observance of healthy aging month

Care Resource is a non-profit organization based in Florida with health centers in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. This Federally Qualified Health Center has been providing medical and preventive care at the best rates for locals.

Care Resource offers medical care such as in-house pharmacy services, dental care, behavioral substance abuse services, etc. Since September marks Healthy Aging Month, Care Resource is offering support for seniors through various healthcare services.

What is Healthy Aging Month?

Every year, most individuals don’t focus on their well-being and health. To inspire these adults, we observe Healthy Aging Month every September.

This National Health Observance (NHO) raises awareness of the mental and physical well-being of older adults, serving as a much-needed reminder that as we grow, our bodies go through changes. Therefore, it’s essential to establish and maintain a healthy and nourishing lifestyle to manage these changes while preventing common age-related health issues.

How is Care Resource contributing to Healthy Aging Month?

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As individuals age, they’re at a greater risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, etc. Handling such health issues can increase medical costs and decrease their quality of life.

According to research, approximately half of the U.S adult population, 133 million adults to be precise, have some kind of chronic health condition. Although aging can increase the risks of diseases, a healthy lifestyle can eliminate or decrease them.  

That’s exactly what Healthy Aging Month endorses. The journey to healthy aging includes living a balanced and healthy life with sufficient exercise.

Care Resource has taken the initiative to support Healthy Aging Month by offering free preventative screenings. These no-cost screenings will be available for patients older than 45 years of age. In addition, these patients don’t require private or government insurance to get a screening.

Care Resource’s initiative features screening for age-related health problems such as blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. To avail Care Resource’s health services dedicated to Healthy Aging Month, patients have to schedule their appointments by giving them a call at 305-576-1234.

Patients can call on extensions in English and Spanish, whatever they prefer. Once they ring Care Resource up, a virtual voucher will be allocated to the respective patient.

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