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Care Resource opens a new health center in Midtown

Non-profit Care Resource welcomes patients to visit their new facility and seek treatment in Wynwood

Care Resource is a non-profit organization that is based in Florida and has been providing quality healthcare at incredibly affordable rates to locals. They have worked in many capacities, addressed dozens of healthcare issues in their time, and have now launched a brand new health center in Midtown Miami.

An interior photo of Care Resource’s new health center, with a vibrant mural on the wall.

All you need to know about the health center

Care Resource has launched a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Midtown Miami at 3510 Biscayne Blvd., as they work to address the gap in healthcare which continues to get wider each year. The health center is working to provide care to underserved populations and individuals who may be lost to care.

The Midtown Miami health center has the capacity to provide medical and pediatric services to over 7,000 individuals and facilitate more than 21,000 annual visits. The center will also be providing new dental care services to its target population.

A photo of Care Resource’s new center, featuring the pediatric area

What sets their new health center apart from others

In addition to their fantastic primary care services, the health center will also be providing additional services for behavioral health, HIV prevention and linkage, social support, and thorough, healthy food and nutritional counseling. It has a full-fledged Food for Life pantry and nutritional center that will be offering multiple programs and educational campaigns to address social determinants of health, including housing assistance, ethnicity, age, income brackets, and more.

It’s an amazingly insightful effort to serve the community and uplift it to the best of their abilities, focusing on multi-faceted service delivery.


Artwork and comics on the walls of Care Resource’s new health center.

Interesting features of Care Resource’s Midtown center

One thing that really stands out is Care Resource’s determination to make their patients as comfortable as possible, which is why they’ve incorporated some of the most gorgeous murals, artwork, drawings, and paintings all throughout the center.

They want to break the stigma that doctor’s offices are unwelcoming, cold, and terrifying places to be and make these spaces more accessible. From cartoons on the wall of their pediatric center to stunning scenery in other areas, they’re doing everything necessary to make their patients comfortable.

A photo of the reception at Care Resource’s new health center.

Find more information about the organization and all the amazing work they do at

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