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Give Miami Day 2020 is happening on November 19

Give Miami Day 2020

The annual online giving campaign will begin accepting gifts earlier this year to encourage new people to donate.

Give Miami Day 2020 is officially scheduled for November 19, a 24-hour long online giving campaign that is the largest in Miami. Organized by the Miami Foundation, this event comes at a crucial time for many nonprofit organizations that residents are relying on for services during the COVID-19 pandemic. These nonprofits have been struggling to fundraise in order to stay afloat, and Give Miami Day aims to combat this. 

Because this is an unprecedented year for nonprofit organizations which are serving on the front lines, the Miami Foundation has implemented some new aspects to the event to increase participation. 

First, the foundation will allow donors to begin submitting donations before the official date, beginning on November 16. Members can visit to search through over 800 nonprofit organizations and decide which one they would like to support or donate to. This early giving period will end at 11:59 p.m. on November 18. 

The Miami Foundation hopes this extra time will encourage new residents to give any resources they can to these critical organizations. The goal of this year’s Give Miami Day is to not only increase dollars raised but also to increase the number of residents in Miami Dade who choose to donate. 

The second change made by the Miami Foundation is the implementation of “Power Hours”. From 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Give Miami Day, the Miami Foundation will spotlight different issues on its digital media platforms. These issues include racial equity, food and housing insecurity, and economic development. 

Through Power Hours, donors will be able to find an organization to support based on a specific cause they want to show appreciation toward. They can find an organization that is doing the work to address key issues through this part of the event. 

Sponsor-funded bonus pools will partially match each dollar earned during Power Hours. 

Usually, Give Miami Day is held on the Thursday before Thanksgiving, having raised more than $60 million for nonprofit organizations since its beginning. In 2019 alone, Give Miami Day generated $14.4 million from over 30,000 donors. This year, the Miami Foundation hopes for an even greater turnout to benefit the many nonprofit organizations all over Miami. 

For more information, visit Give Miami Day website or stay up to date via the Miami Foundation Instagram page. 

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