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The Long Awaited GET ON YOUR FEET! Comes to Miami

GET ON YOUR FEET tells the story of Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan in an incredible musical performance

On Your Feet!

The incredible Broadway show, ON YOUR FEET! is making its way to South Florida, playing soon at the Actors' Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre in Coral Gables. It features a cast comprising members of the original production well as touring cast members and local professional actors. It tells the story of the power couple Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan, including their love story, life, and careers.

The music and sound effects are being performed by the incredibly talented Miami Sound Machine, the band founded by Gloria and Emilio Estefan. Last month, Gloria Estefan dropped by a rehearsal to surprise the cast and crew!

What to expect from GET ON YOUR FEET

Get on your feet tells the Esteban story from an intimate perspective, sharing their love story, how they met, and how this power duo came to be. It dives past publicly known narratives and records gets into the couple's lives, talents, and personalities, and touches on the one thing that brought them together: music.

With incredibly talented performers bringing this story to life, it's one of the most anticipated live performances that Miami will see this year. After all, it's always refreshing to see such stories make their way back home, with talent like Claudia Yanez, acting in the story, David Arisco as the artistic director, Andy Señor as director, Natalie Caruncho as associate director and choreographer, and Clay Ostwald as musical director.

Ostwald has also been a long-time member of the Miami Sound Machine and has been integral to the show, and along with Señor, Caruncho, and Arisco, was part of the original Broadway production too.

Get ready for an emotionally moving performance featuring some incredible music, powerful storytelling, and importnat elements of the Estefans' life. Get on your feet is going to a treat to the eyes, ears, and soul.

In fact, this couldn't be at a better time as a massive mural for the duo was just unveiled in Little Havana.

When and where audiences can check out the show

Get on your feet is an amazing product that has been critically acclaimed and is finally making its way to local theatres. The show's preview kicks off on 9, 10, February, and opening night is 11 February 2022. While the regular showtimes are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. respectively, and Wednesday to Saturday at 8 p.m.

Tickets range between $55 to $85 and are up for grabs but selling like hotcakes. If you'd like to purchase tickets, please reach out to the Actors' Playhouse Box Office at (305) 444-9293 or visit

They are also working to ensure that all relevant COVID safety protocols are being followed by cast and crew, and audience members are kept safe during shows too.

Connect with them online on social media using the hashtag #OnYourFeetMIA. You can also follow Actors' Playhouse on Facebook @actorsplayhouse, Instagram @apmiracletheatre, and Twitter @apmiracle for more updates and information.

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