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Emilio Estefan: “The American dream is fantastic”

Streets of Dreams
  • Image courtesy John Parra of CNBC

The CNBC series, “Streets of Dreams with Marcus Lemonis” highlights the persistence and vision of Emilio Estefan in episode 3 aired on January 12, 2021.

Music producer Emilio Estefan encourages us to fulfill our dreams and never abandon them in his talk with Lemonis in episode 3 entitled "Calle Ocho, Miami."

Estefan receives Lemonis in his study Crescent Moon, located in the southwest of Miami, which he also shares with his wife, singer Gloria Estefan.

During the talk, Emilio Estefan shared that before he and Gloria Estefan became famous with the band Miami Sound Machine in the 1980s, Latin music was almost non-existent in the United States.

The beginnings in music for Emilio Estefan were difficult. His talent was not enough for record producers because they were not interested in promoting Cuban artists.

However, he did not give up.

"I knew that Miami was a different place because there was only one generation of immigrants that was keeping the sound of Cuba a little bit. And growing up in Miami was a fusion of sounds; that's why I called it the Miami Sound Machine”, says the producer.

“I knew that kind of sound was great and I said, you know, we'll do the percussion. And that sound worked. "

Like other entrepreneurs, Emilio Estefan refused to give up his dream and he finally achieved it. Today he is a world-renowned music, television and film producer.

Music stars like Madonna, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Ricky Martin have recorded with Estefan. 

"Something that I think is fantastic is the American dream," reflects the producer.

"Who could have thought that a Cuban immigrant who played the accordion to earn tips in a restaurant was going to be visited at home by the President of the United States?," he wonders when he remembers when Bill and Hillary Clinton went to his residence in Miami Beach in 2014.

"I am extremely proud," he says.

Today Emilio Estefan continues to produce music. "I'm busier than I've ever been in my entire life," he says. This is due to the success of Latin music in the local and international rankings in recent years.

Emilio and his wife Gloria have won 26 Grammy Awards and sold 120 million records worldwide.

In addition to dedicating themselves to music, they have investments in restaurants, hotels and real estate, among other businesses.

Without a doubt, Emilio Estefan is the symbol of the American dream and shows that your dreams can come true.

The 3rd episode, “Calle Ocho, Miami” is part of the five episodes in the documentary serieses “Streets of Dreams with Marcus Lemonis” streamed on CNBC.

For more information about "Streets of Dreams”, visit the website.

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