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Alejandro Escudero new music new look

Colombian singer Alejandro Escudero who is the second voice of Maluma remains humble while breaking through the Miami entertainment scene

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Alejandro Escudero is a Colombian singer, born in Medellín, Colombia. He has had one of the greatest impacts in the Latin urban music genre in recent years. This success comes from his nine years working alongside famous Colombian singer Maluma.

Escudero became Maluma’s “second voice” after a performance with his duo music group, Nick and Kid Boy. With one of his friends, Escudero began performing in many discos in Medellín. The city loved his music.

According to Escudero, this is how he got his big break. A businessman, who turned out to be Maluma's manager, interviewed him. Before he knew it, he became the second voice to one of the top Latin urban musicians to-date. 

Working with Maluma, Escudero learned a lot about the industry and how to compose himself. He notes that Maluma embodied professionalism while also being charismatic toward his fans. Maluma taught him how to develop his persona as a singer. This meant being happy, uncomplicated, and all about the music. 

Performing with Maluma brought Escudero experience in big cities, like New York City. He performed with Maluma at Madison Square Garden, one of the biggest stages. In November 2020 and again in February 2021, Escudero also earned a billboard in Times Square. The billboard showcased his new song, Karma, for the entire city to see. 

Escudero attributes this success to Latin Plug and Red Bird Photography. Latin Plug considers themselves to be a platform “of dreamers, for dreamers.” 

“It was a dream come true to be on my own billboard in Times Square,” said Escudero. In this way, Latin Plug lived up to their mission. 

With the experience Escudero gained from working with Maluma, he decided to branch off on his own. In 2019, Escudero entered the ranchera music genre. He did this alongside his brother and representative, Santiago Escudero Lema. 

Escudero’s love for ranchera music comes from Mexican singers and songwriters. Some of his favorites are Vicente Fernández, Alejandro Fernández, and Juan Gabriel. He also finds inspiration from the Colombian popular movement. Singers who were part of this movement are Darío Gómez and Arelys Henao. These artists made Escudero appreciate the meaning behind each melody. 

Escudero released his first single on Valentine’s Day in 2020. The song's name is “Levanten La Mano.” Escudero had no idea that the COVID-19 pandemic would begin weeks after the release.

Escudero didn’t let the pandemic stop him from creating. He spent quarantine practicing his craft. On Sept. 4, Escudero released his second single. The song's name is “El Malo.” He released a music video at the same time, which he filmed in La Villa, a town near the Medellín airport. 

Escudero’s goals are to continue making music and sharing it with the world. He is now expanding into the modeling industry in Miami. His U.S. brand manager signed him to the Mother Agency Stone Model Management of Chicago. He also signed a contract with Wilhelmina Models of Miami. He will help grow their South American market. In the meantime, he spent some quality time in February 2020 strolling down the streets of Calle Ocho wearing styles by the Mojito Collection provided by the Havana Collection.

Fans can expect new music, new photographs, and new looks from Escudero. His goal is to keep expanding his brand while remaining humble.

Fans can find his music on Spotify and Youtube. To keep up with him, follow him on Instagram @escudero_14.

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