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Second voice of Maluma Alejandro Escudero and popular ranchera

Second voice of Maluma Alejandro Escudero, makes his way into the popular ranchera genre

Alejandro Escudero is simple, calm, and has a powerful voice. This Colombian singer, after years of working with Maluma, decided to take a step towards the popular ranchera genre.

Born in the city of Medellín, Colombia, Alejandro Escudero has shared world stages with Maluma for 9 years.

His voice has a great presence and I am encouraged to say that this is what has led him to be the second voice of Maluma, the Colombian singer with the greatest impact in the Latin urban genre in recent years. 

Escudero began in urban music during his adolescence, when together with a friend he formed the duo Nick and Kid Boy that was well received in Medellín and its surroundings. This experience led him to perform in various discos in the Colombian city.

"That is how I became known in the genre, I was interviewed by the businessman who managed (Maluma), and that is how I became the second voice of the singer Maluma," the artist said in an interview with  Calle Ocho News.

For Escudero it was a pleasant experience to work with Maluma because he learns a lot from him, "everything from the charisma displayed with his fans to the professionalism in everything he does, to the great person he is outside the stage: a familiar, happy and uncomplicated man," he described.

Mexican singer-songwriters such as Vicente Fernández, Alejandro Fernández, and Juan Gabriel have also aroused "taste and affection" for the popular ranchera music.

Also "exponents like Darío Gómez and Arelys Henao, from the Colombian popular movement, increased my affection for the interpretation and melodies of this music," he explained.

Being inspired by these talented artists, Escudero decided in 2019 to venture into the popular ranchera genre with his brother and representative, Santiago Escudero Lema.

On February 14, 2020, he released his first solo single Levanten La Mano without imagining that a few weeks later the Covid-19 pandemic would arrive. How did Escudero experience it?

"I have tried to live confinement in the best way: exercising, thinking about my projects, and sharing as a family."

Alejandro Escudero

However, the pandemic did not stop their projects or their faith. On September 4, 2020, he released his second single, El Malo, with a spectacular video clip filmed in La Villa, near the Medellín airport.

The lyrics of El Malo talk about how we victimize ourselves in relationships, when one looks for the other's flaws to justify the betrayal and make him feel like the cause of the conflict.

"The musical intention tries to reflect the feelings of the person who is being accused as the bad guy in the relationship and the interaction between the trumpets, violins, and accordion represent the spite, confusion, and pain of the betrayal that was caused."

Alejandro Escudero

He was already visiting New York City when he performed with Maluma at Madison Square Garden and now this talented performer would like to bring his songs to Miami.

Escudero's wish for 2021 is that his music "be heard throughout the world."

“I would like to go very far, but with humility. That people recognize me for my talent and for the quality of person."

Alejandro Escudero

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