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Florida judge declares DeSantis' congressional map unconstitutional, orders immediate redrawing

Circuit Judge rules in favor of voting rights groups, deeming DeSantis' map detrimental to black voters' voices

In a significant legal decision that could reshape Florida's political landscape, Circuit Judge J. Lee Marsh ruled on Saturday that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' congressional map was unconstitutional. The judge's ruling mandates the State Legislature to initiate the immediate redrawing of boundaries for a North Floridadistrict. This comes after DeSantis' controversial decision to veto a Republican-dominated Legislature's map that had aimed to preserve a black-dominated voting district.

The DeSantis unconstitutional map

Governor DeSantis stirred controversy last year when he wielded his veto power to reject a congressional map proposed by the Republican-dominated Legislature. This map had been specifically designed to maintain a district where black voters held a significant voice in elections. DeSantis' move drew criticism and prompted accusations of gerrymandering, with voting rights groups arguing that it undermined the political influence of black voters.

Ron DeSantis speaking at presidential elections

Judge agrees with voting rights groups

Circuit Judge J. Lee Marsh's ruling aligns with the concerns raised by voting rights groups. According to the judge, DeSantis' map indeed posed a threat to the voices of black voters in the state. Marsh stated that the current map cannot be utilized in any future U.S. congressional elections, sending a clear message about the need for a fair and unbiased electoral process.

In response to the ruling, Governor DeSantis faced criticism for his handling of the redistricting process. After vetoing the Legislature's map, he called a special session and presented his own map, urging lawmakers to accept it. However, this move only added to the controversy and further fueled accusations of partisan manipulation.

With this decision, Florida's political landscape is set for a potential transformation. The redrawing of district boundaries will be a critical process that could impact representation and electoral outcomes in the state for years to come.

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