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“Save My Little Havana”: A story in art and photography

Steve Wright’s photo exhibit "Save My Little Havana" illustrates a historical account of commercial and residential buildings

Miami Beach witnessed a remarkable celebration of culture, history, and architectural heritage as Steve Wright, an accomplished Artist, Activist, Writer, and Planner, unveiled his captivating photography exhibit titled "Save My Little Havana."

The MDPL's Local Artist Program hosted this exhibition at the Art Deco Welcome Center, showcasing lesser-known aspects of Little Havana through the lens of Wright.

Off the beaten path

In the late 1990s, Ohioan Steve Wright moved to Little Havana in Miami to escape harsh Ohio winters. He found solace in the historic Bryan Park area and made his home in a classic 100-year-old residence.

He found inspiration in his new surroundings and started taking long walks to take pictures. With his camera, he was able to capture the true essence of the community, exploring beyond the popular areas and discovering hidden treasures in the neighborhoods, businesses, churches, and homes of La Pequeña Habana.

Steve wright with his exhibits and commercial building

Save My Little Havana: Preserving heritage through passion

Wright's photographs may not be flawlessly polished, but they are filled with a clear sense of dedication that shows his strong attachment to Little Havana. As a respected public speaker, organizer, and journalist committed to improving access to urban areas for individuals with disabilities, Wright's display demonstrated his identity as both an artist and a supporter.

He noted, "My photos are not the most technically perfect, but they are filled with passion." He compared the efforts to preserve historic buildings in Miami Beach to the importance of safeguarding the architectural treasures of Art Deco, the Mediterranean, and Old Florida styles found in Little Havana.

The event, held on August 24, provided attendees the opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating imagery that depicted the heart and soul of Little Havana. Next to the Save My Little Havana art display, the gift shop exhibited Wright's photographs that could be bought. The exhibit also had artworks for sale, and half of the profits went towards supporting the Miami Design Preservation League's cause. The exhibit runs through Thanksgiving and is on display 9 AM to 5 PM at the art deco welcome center seven days a week and the center is free to Miami-Dade residents

Wright's photography effectively emphasized the need to preserve Little Havana's cultural and architectural treasures from the influence of modernization. His images will serve as a reminder of their timeless beauty and the crucial significance of protecting them for future generations to possibly and really Save My Little Havana.

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