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FLAN is the Official Dessert of Miami Dade County Thanks to the Flan 6

#Weareallflan is a social media movement aiming to highlight the cultural relevance of this delicious dessert thanks to the Flan 6 and Enrique Santos

In an amusing, albeit impactful video, Enrique Santos appeals to Governor Ron DeSantis, who recently declared strawberry shortcake as the official desert of Florida, signing it into law to be as such. Santos drives home a humorously accurate point about how flan is consumed a lot more by Floridians, urging the public to talk about this using the hashtags #TodosSomosFLAN and #WeAreAllFLAN.

What prompted this hilarious yet relevant movement

The decision to declare strawberry shortcake as the official desert of Florida came as quite a shock and surprise to many of its locals when it was announced at the Strawberry Festival last week. It’s a surprise because flan is a dessert that is consumed in far greater quantities by locals, as opposed to strawberry shortcake, which is essentially a seasonal treat.

Although the decision was meant to pay tribute to strawberry farmers and their contributions, it did seem to rub a whole community of flan-lovers the wrong way.

Santos urged Gov. DeSantis to reconsider this decision, encouraging him to try a good flan instead.

A flan placed on a board, with a cube in a spoon and eggs in a dish.

Why this dessert is such an integral part of Latino communities

Santos argues that the FLAN dessert rests at the heart of Florida’s massive Latino population, talking about the different kinds made here. From Cuban styles to Columbian cooking styles to Panama’s coconut version, he describes this egg, milk, and sugar-based dessert with such love it’s impossible not to feel the weight of his words.

It’s a powerful reminder of how important this simple dessert is to our culinary traditions and practices.

Check out the witty yet deeply impactful video here and see for yourself how Santos drives the point home while making us all crave this delicious dessert!

In Conclusion

Today March 24th elected officials now known as the Flan 6 gathered at Versailles Restaurant to name the FLAN the official dessert of Miami Dade County. The Flan 6 is made up of 6 Mayors which are the Mayor of Miami Dade County Daniella Levine Cava, The Mayor of Coral Gables Vince Lago, the Mayor of Doral Juan Carlos Bermudez, City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, Mayor of the City of Miami Lakes Manny Cid, and last but certainly not least the Mayor of Hialeah Esteban Bovo.

Great appreciation goes out to the coordinator of all this Enrique Santos of iHeart Radio and Versailles restaurant for hosting the press conference that made this dessert the official dessert of Miami Dade County.

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