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Official Gay 8 Festival Rooster "Mr.Pepe"

Celebrate your truth and #LiveYourStoryHere the way Mr. Pepe does, as the official Gay8 Festival Rooster!

Gay8 kicked-off in Miami's Little Havana Last Week.

2022 is off to a great start as the Gay8 Festival made its much-awaited return once more for its 6th run. The festival, which celebrates diversity in all its forms, brings together people from across Miami-Dade. It’s based on the simple ideas of equality, community, and passion. The festival features various events centered around the idea of their hashtag: #LiveYourStoryHere, which is why they needed a mascot that represented that just as well.  

Introducing Mr. Pepe and his Significance

Mr. Pepe is the latest addition to Little Havana’s iconic giant roosters, which have been around Miami for almost two decades. Modeled based on the late Tony Lopez designs, the original set of roosters is a defining characteristic of Little Havana. They saw an addition to the family this year, as Mr. Pepe was also introduced.

This rooster has been commissioned by the Gay8 Festival and donated by the Asis Family and the Havana Collection as an expression of community and collaboration. Sculpted by Bello of Bello Arts, its uniqueness, color, and flare were added on by designer Jonathan Ady whom is also the visual artist of the Little Havana Book and the designer of the Little Havana Wall. This last project makes, Mr. Pepe one of a kind in every way, in fact, he’s Miami’s first and only gay rooster!

Gay8 featured an incredible lineup of events that kicked off on Saturday with a launch party, but the overall event was motivated by bringing together people from diverse communities for bigger causes and things that matter to them. Small businesses and entrepreneurs both lent and received tons of support from the community.

The festival covers an incredible line up of events that will keep you busy for a long time.

More details about Gay8 and their sponsors

The festival also gave an incredible opportunity to hundreds of up-and-coming performers and some recognized artists to share their talents with the world. Through performance, music, and much more, these talented Miamians had a chance to showcase everything they’ve got to the world.

This included the much-anticipated fashion show at Domino Park, with DJs, music, entertainment that gives a chance to local talent!

Their fashion show, which featured an exciting range of outfits and looks, was scheduled from 12 pm to 8 pm, all of Sunday, and has been made possible through the help of Yas Gonzalez and the Republic of Yas Gonzalez.

The festival featured eight stages, including two main stages sponsored by Bacardi and First Horizon Bank, among other sponsors, such as Yuengling, Football Unites, Comcast, Telemundo, iHeart Radio, NBC 6, and of course Cuba Ocho, who hosted their kick-off party.  

Catch more information about the successful event by following the hashtag #LiveYourStoryHere and their website

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