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The beautiful “Little Havana Wall” represents the community

Visual Artist Jonathan Ady blows us away with his design of the “Little Havana Wall”

If you wish you could sum up all the components that make Little Havana such a unique community in one wall, look no further than the “Little Havana Wall.” This mural is located next to the Havana Collection 1421 SW 8th St. Miami FL, 33135 at the end of “Rooster Alley” and is a place you must visit to get your memorable picture in Miami to take home with you! 

The wall was designed by Jonathan Ady of @Studioei8htzero, who also authored The Official Little Havana Book. While he does not reside in Florida, he fell in love with all that Little Havana has to offer. Coming from a different reality, he discovered a place with an indistinguishable flair that became one of the most intriguing places for him. This not only led him to write his book but also inspired him to create this mural for everyone to admire. 

Little Havana Wall mural

“I love all of Miami, but Little Havana stole my heart. It’s a special place, where the rhythms are different than on South Beach or downtown or the suburbs,” said Jonathan Ady of @Studioei8htzero. 

Ady’s vision for the mural was to “create a place where the entire neighborhood comes together in one location.” To execute this, he went through his collection of over five years’ worth of images and worked with business owner Fidel D Asis Lopez of The Havana Collection to find just the right ones to include. The mural is 50 feet wide and is sure to impress all those that see it. 

Little Havana Wall mural

Ady chose the images to be in black and white because he thought it would give viewers a special experience. He explained that black and white images create a classy and sophisticated feel and, at the same time, allow each person viewing them to imagine what each experience would be like in their own mind before they partake in them. 

This mural will give you a complete experience of Little Havana, even if you do not have the time to go and personally visit all the key locations of the community. If this is your first time visiting, the Little Havana Wall would be an ideal location to start your journey. It will give you an outline of what to expect and set you in the right spirit to enjoy the best parts of this great neighborhood!

Little Havana Wall mural

As Jonathan Ady put it, “this is not only a perfect picture spot but also an incredible visual guide to what lies ahead of you if you’ve never been here.”

What are you waiting for? Come visit the Little Havana Wall today and immerse yourself in the culture of an extraordinary neighborhood! To keep up with Jonathan Ady’s work, be sure to follow him on Instagram. Find out more about his book.

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