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Driver crashes into a car dealership, injures a bicyclist in Miami

A local bicyclist was injured during a car crash accident in a car dealership in Miami

On Tuesday, May 23, 2023, a driver crashed into a car dealership’s window and injured a local bicyclist. The Miami police officers closed Biscayne Boulevard temporarily to look into the place of the incident.

The car drove over the sidewalk on the grassy area of the showroom based on the aerial footage of the accident. The crash took place at 10:30 in the morning. Miami rescue workers and police responded immediately to the accident. Continue reading this post to get all the details on this developing story.

Injuries following the accident and car crash

The driver involved in the accident was a 70-year-old man who was traveling south on Biscayne Boulevard when he collided with several other vehicles and a local bicyclist. According to the personnel at Miami Fire Rescue, the bicyclist sustained a head injury, whereas the driver himself suffered a medical emergency following the accident.

The Miami Police Department reported that the driver crashed into Braman Miami car dealership window while reversing his car at 2060 Biscayne Boulevard. According to their report, the 70-year-old driver panicked after injuring the cyclist and ended up reverse-crashing into three other cars. Then he crashed into the car showroom, where he also struck the vehicles inside the car dealership and broke their windows.

blue car crashed into dealership, broken window glasses and smashed into brand new car

Braman staff-person absent

Fortunately, one of the staff members who sits right next to the dealership window was on his leave on the day of the accident, according to Peter Sanchez – Fire Rescue Lt.

Miami Police closed Biscayne Blvd’s lanes going northbound and southbound at 21 Street to look into the incident. They reopened the area around noon. The driver was at the scene of the accident for further investigation. They checked him and confirmed that the elderly driver wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or drug.

The cyclist was tended to in the nearby hospital for treatment. No other information has been received since the incident.

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