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DeSantis Slashes $30 million of funding for local projects across South Florida; Here is what he cut

Governor DeSantis cuts back on the largest-ever state budget by stopping funding for small projects

Having generated billions via state revenue and federal funds, this year’s massive annual budget of $109.9 billion was filled with dozens of local Florida projects that require funding. However, Governor Ron DeSantis slashed funding for around $30 million that supported local projects in the region.   

It’s a major let-down for many organizations and legislators who pushed for this valuable funding in the first place. Let’s take a look at more insights and information about this decision.

Projects that will be affected by the DeSantis cut  

There are around 43 local projects that will be affected by this decision by the Governor. They include a police station in South Miami, the Ludlam Trail for walking and cycling, $1 million for senior assistance and services in Little Havana, and a frontline health program in Broward that prevents healthcare-associated infections. These programs help the South Florida community and its people in multiple capacities and ways, giving them valuable support, services, and resources to cope with their needs.

This puts many programs and projects in danger of shutting down completely or resorting to external funding, which can be unsustainable.

A close-up of a senior citizen’s hands as they hold a stress ball and someone comforting them.

The critique against Governor Ron DeSantis

The day he slashed $30 million off the budget, DeSantis approved a record-breaking $109.9 billion budget for the fiscal year starting July 1. The massive budget was approved while boasting about the state’s current financial standing and progress, the irony of which was not lost on critics.

The decision to cut back on spending while approving a massive budget has drawn a lot of criticism from legislators, non-profits, and many members of the general public, who accuse DeSantis of focusing too much on appearances and not enough on policy design. According to DeSantis his reasons for the cut are simply that we have a Biden induced recession on the way and he prefers to have more in reserves.

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