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Disney Silent in response to Gov. Ron DeSantis slashing their Tax Benefits

Walt Disney Co. is not keen on responding to DeSantis’ decision and chooses instead to work out a quiet resolution

The Walt Disney Company (Disney Co.) is one of the largest corporations in the world and has a major headquarters in Florida in the form of Disney World. They’re responsible for bringing in millions of tourists a year, generating about $5 billion for the state via tourism, tax, and other contributions. This is one of the reasons why they've had such a free hand to do as they please, but Governor Ron DeSantis has been butting heads with them for a while.

Governor DeSantis’ latest blow

After much criticism from the Governor, who has, in the past, also called Disney Co. a ‘woke corporation’ due to their approach to gender and sexuality laws, he has gunned for lawmakers to pass a bill that will strip the company of its tax benefits. Disney has special tax benefits and receives relief from the state, considering it is one of, if not the biggest businesses in the region and one of the largest employers in all of Florida. Their contributions to local revenue have given them immense leeway and a powerful standing with the public.

The bill was pushed by DeSantis, who has continued to criticize the company in the past, despite opposition from many Democratic and Republican senators alike.


Dozens of tourists walk around Disney World during a busy day.

How Disney Co. is planning to proceed with this

Disney Co. has realized that no amount of action or opposition from their end, or their powerful allies, will change the Governor’s mind. Instead, they have been working silently behind the scenes. Their lobby includes support from major corporations and influential public figures, who have extended support and continue to cheer them.

So far, the plan of action has been to work silently to find mutual ground and resolve the issue in a less public manner, unlike the Governor’s previous response to statements by the company.

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