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DeSantis signed SB 1718, calling it the strongest measure

Gov. Ron DeSantis signs new law SB 1718 to deter people in the US from coming to Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis signed SB 1718 into law to prevent illegal immigration. The new bill aims to prevent people illegally entering the US from entering the State of Florida. The bill also holds other people accountable who are involved.

On Wednesday, May 10 2023, he explained that this immigration bill addresses several issues, including requirements for businesses to use E-Verify if they have more than 25 employees. E-Verify determines whether a person is legally authorized to work in the country.

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SB 1718: penalties and more

SB 1718 bill applies penalties on human smuggling. The offenders will be subjected to prosecution under the RICO Act of Florida, which he told was a statewide jury recommendation.

During the news conference in Jacksonville, he further highlighted the types of penalties, explaining that a person can be subject to five years imprisonment and a $5,000 penalty per offense if they’re found illegally transporting aliens to the Sunshine State. If a person is caught smuggling 5 or more illegal aliens, has human smuggling conviction in their criminal history, or has an unaccompanied illegal minor, they can face up to 15 years imprisonment and $10,000 in penalty.

He said the state wouldn’t face these illegal immigration challenges if people from within stopped facilitating illegal immigration and transportation.

Ron DeSantis in conference

Prohibitions for county governments

The new bill also imposes prohibitions on county governments. So they cannot offer money to organizations in exchange for issuing identification cards to illegal aliens. The law also nullifies out-of-state driver’s licenses of undocumented immigrants. Thus, it will be a felony to hold a fake ID for those staying in the US illegally and using the ID for employment.

Another key element of SB 1718 focuses on Medicaid. The hospitals that accept this healthcare program will now be required to add a question regarding citizenship in their intake forms. The bill provides $12 million to the migrant relocation initiative by DeSantis.

He told the conference that his government is taking stringent measures through this bill. Sheriff Al Nienhuis of Hernando County also extended his support for the bill. He said these laws safeguard our families, residents, and visitors who come for a good time in Florida. The state isn’t a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

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