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Legislators to amend the law so Governor DeSantis doesn't need to resign before running for President

The amendment will allow Governor DeSantis to run a presidential campaign without quitting

Legislators in Florida are planning to amend the state constitution so that Governor Ron DeSantis can continue serving in his current capacity even if he chooses to launch a presidential run. The state's resign-to-run rule will be relaxed for presidential and vice presidential candidates under a change to an elections bill that was issued on Tuesday.

The Senate might have a vote on SB 7050 and its changes on Wednesday. With DeSantis contemplating a bid for President in 2024, many in the legislature have wondered if such a shift is necessary. Read on to learn more about this change.

What this amendment is about

This amendment to a key elections bill (SB 7050) proposes to exclude presidential and vice presidential candidates from Florida's resign-to-run provision.In accordance with this legislation, if a state official is elected to a federal position and their terms, or a portion of their terms, overlap, the state official must retire from their current position.

In order for DeSantis to run for President in 2024, he would have to resign as governor, but the law would exclude presidential and vice presidential candidates from this condition.

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Why this legislation is being amended

A Republican supporting DeSantis introduced the resign to run exemption as part of a wider Republican election law bill that is likely to be debated in the Senate on Wednesday. Both the House and Senate Republican leaders have stated their openness to alter the current legislation.

DeSantis is away from home right now on a trade trip to four different countries: Japan, South Korea, Israel, and the United Kingdom. In recent months, the governor has increased his visits to key states to give speeches and engage with Republicans.

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