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Miami-Dade County students protest against DeSantis’ school policies

Miami-Dade County students protest and rallied against Gov. DeSantis’ school policies

The students of Miami-Dade County joined the statewide rally of students protest against the anti-LGBTQ+ legislation by Ron DeSantis’ government. The Walkout 2 Learn organized the Waking Out to Learn! Protest where college and high-school students left their afternoon classes to protest in Jacksonville, Miami Beach, and Orlando.

Here’s all the detail about the students protest.

Walking Out to Learn! Protest

The largest Florida student group, Walkout 2 Learn, organized the protest where students rallied in major cities of Miami-Dade County at 6 pm. Activists joined others at Pride Park with signs that read “See our power,” “Say gay,” and “You can’t erase us.”

Max Fenning, an activist and president of an LGBT nonprofit organization called Prism, voiced his opposition to the anti-LGBTQ+ legislation. The School for Advanced Studies students also joined Miami-Dade College.

The Florida Board of Education agreed on banning classroom instructions about gender identity and sexual orientation in all grades. The LGBTQ+ activists call this law “don’t say gay.” The LGBTQ+ representatives also voiced their opposition against House of Representatives bills on bathroom rules, preventing minors from drag shows and gender-transition treatments.

The DeSantis government proposed the legislation in March, and it’ll schedule to take effect on a procedural notice period basis for a month.

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Ron DeSantis’ administration is facing the backlash

Many local businesses, corporations, LGBTQ+ activist groups, and Equality Florida have criticized Governor DeSantis’ school policies and laws. His administration has faced backlash for severe policies leading to feuds between the state agencies and businesses like Walt Disney that have voiced their opinion against the law.

Rallies and students protest to send a message to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ and his representatives from the Senate to the school board. Though the legislation was approved on Wednesday to run on a procedural notice period, the student activist groups continue to protest.

However, many parents and conservative groups support these policies stating that barring teachers from discussing gender identity and sexual orientation topics will improve the parent-child relationship as it will lead to more at-home discussions.

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