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Denise Galvez Turros wins the 2023 Annual Preservation Award: a conversation with the Miami marketing pro

From bar owner to preservation advocate, this is the inspiring journey of Denise Galvez Turros

Miami, Florida, is well-known for its thriving arts community, stunning scenery, and sunny beaches. But did you know that Miami is also home to some of the most talented marketers in the country? Denise Galvez Turros, a 20-year marketing pro with expertise in business development & sales, public & government relations, and digital marketing, recently won the Annual Preservation Award for her outstanding work in the field.

Denise is a marketing powerhouse, having worked with large companies and organizations in fields as diverse as healthcare, education, and government. Her innovative and strategic approach to marketing has helped her clients reach new heights of success, and her dedication to the preservation and promotion of Miami's rich cultural heritage is what makes her stand out from the rest.

How she went from visiting to protecting Little Havana

Denise Galvez Turros has been coming to Little Havana for 23 years because of Viernes Culturales. She has a deep connection to the neighborhood and its cultural heritage. In 2014, she joined the Board of Directors of Viernes Culturales to promote and preserve Little Havana's unique cultural heritage.

Denise also helped to create the business improvement districts of Coral Gables in 1997. The business improvement districts were established to promote and enhance economic development in the community. Denise's contributions helped to transform the area into a vibrant and thriving business district.

Denise's advocacy for Little Havana also extends to the preservation of historic buildings. Properties she has called historic for her Preservation Award include 1250 SW 6 St, Flori-Coral Apartment Bldg; 1460 SW 7 St., Schechtman Residence; 2614 SW 8 St., Piedra Villas; and 1450 SW 7th St, Miami, FL 33135 (Tower Hotel). These buildings are a testament to Miami's unique architectural heritage, and Denise's efforts to preserve them are commendable.

Denise Galvez Turros posing for picture in front of Wall Art

A marketing pro with a passion for preservation

Denise Galvez Turros is a 20-year marketing pro with expertise in business development and sales, public and government relations, and digital marketing. Her expertise in marketing has been instrumental in promoting Miami's cultural heritage and small businesses. She has worked with numerous cultural organizations and small businesses, helping them to develop effective marketing strategies that drive growth and expansion.

Denise's journey in marketing began when she owned a bar in Little Havana. She learned firsthand the importance of marketing in promoting and growing a business. After owning the bar, she transitioned to public relations and government relations, where she worked with organizations such as the Beacon Council, the City of Miami, and Miami-Dade County.

Her dedication to promoting Miami's cultural heritage and small businesses is inspiring. Her marketing strategies are effective, and her advocacy for preservation is commendable. Denise sets an example for others to follow in promoting Miami's unique cultural heritage. You can keep up with what she’s upto on her official Instagram page.

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