Now a days we depend on our smart phones more than ever. It is estimated that adults use their cell phone an average of four hours a day. Repeatedly looking down and maintaining that position for long periods of time can cause pain in the neck, tension in the shoulders, headache, numbness in the hands. The development of bad posture among other things becomes inevitable. The incidence of neck pain is so prevalent today that some researchers categorize it as an epidemic.

Why does my neck hurt after using my cell phone? Our head weighs approximately 12 pounds. For every inch that our head is displaced towards the front, the tension in our neck increases causing pain. Some long-term effects of maintaining this position includes: muscle weakness, humps caused by poor posture, chronic headache and shoulder pain. There is also the possibility of suffering from a herniated disc and degeneration in the vertebrae and discs of the neck and upper back.

5 recommendations to avoid aches or pains after using the cell phone.


Instead of looking down, lift your cell phone to the same level as your eyes. This will eliminate the tension caused by the weight of your head when looking down.


Having the shoulders rotated forward causes pain and tension in the high back near the shoulder blades. By rotating the shoulders backward, we ORDER the body to have better posture.


Neck and shoulder stretches will help decrease tension and muscle spasms taking breaks from cell phone usage helps a great deal.


Specific exercises for the neck and back will help you improve your posture. People with bad postures suffer more from back and neck pain than those with good posture.


We already know that we cannot live without our cell phone. Let’s invite those family and friends who send texts to have a coffee and share in person! The benefits of quality time with a loved one outweigh the benefits of cell phone usage by far.

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