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Controversial constitutional carry bill raises concerns from gun lawmakers in Florida

Florida gun laws are about to see a major change related to constitutional carry that poses a threat to public safety

The full Florida House and Senate may now consider a bill that would legalize concealed carry in the state of Florida without the need for a permit or special training. On the same day, a court of appeals approved Florida's 2018 gun control laws that make it illegal for anybody younger than 21 to purchase a gun. The legislation regarding constitutional carry has been the source of concern for both gun lawmakers and gun rights groups in Florida.

What the constitutional carry bill is about

The "constitutional carry" law would remove the need for legitimate gun owners to seek permission from the state in order to possess a concealed firearm. Current law requires an additional background investigation, biometrics, and gun training to get a permit to authorize concealed carry. If a person is legally barred from possessing a firearm, they still wouldn't be able to do so according to state law. The new law would keep the legal barring in effect, but individuals would not need to get training before owning a gun.

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Why gun lawmakers and advocates are concerned

Despite Governor Ron DeSantis's support for permitless constitutional carry, as reported by a pro-gun organization last week, state legislators have maintained that the proposal will only cover concealed carry. Many people who care about public safety are worried that increased access to firearms would lead to an increase in crime.

For pro-gun organizations, the law falls short since it doesn't make it legal for citizens to carry firearms openly. Moms Demand Action's Jacksonville representative Katie Hathaway stated the law removes the need for training before carrying a gun, which threatens the safety of the state.

How do you feel about this bill? Will it make Florida a less safe place to live?

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  • Oddly, under current Florida law a gun, someone without a Concealed Weapons License has to “conceal” the weapon in the trunk between home and a range or hunting location or fishing location. Once at range or a hunting or fishing location open carry is allowed. While returning home, the weapon must be concealed again.

  • There is already no prior training needed to own a firearm. In the state of Florida. Background checks are already in play here. This bill takes the right to “conceal carry” and makes it a right to all legal gun owners.