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Possessing the right to carry guns is upheld by the Supreme Court

Gun laws have been expanded by the Supreme Court ruling that Americans have the right to carry guns despite mass shootings and appeals

The SCOTUS has been making headlines as of late, with some controversial rulings and decisions being made one after the other. The latest comes in the form of the Supreme Court’s expansion of gun laws, as they rule in favor of the right to carry firearms.

The SCOTUS has ruled that it is a fundamental right of Americans to carry a gun for protection, despite the charged environment and issues surrounding mass shootings and violence across the country.

More details on the right to carry guns

As Congress and states continue to debate and discuss gun control legislation, and as mass shootings across the country begin to spiral out of control, the Supreme Court has ruled that Americans have a right to carry firearms in public for self-defense.

The court’s decision to allow the right to carry guns has not been received well, despite backing from Republican legislators, given that many states such as Texas, Florida, California, and New York, have seen a surge in gun violence. Even President Biden has urged the public to let their voices and opinions on gun control be heard, expressing disappointment in the court’s ruling.

A closeup of a gun in a holster on a person’s waist.

What this could mean for the general public in the U.S.

This decision from the SCOTUS on the right to carry guns will likely lead to more people being legally armed and carrying weapons in public places. From parks to restaurants and even malls and hospitals, people will essentially possess the legal right to carry a concealed weapon.

While it’s debatable to say whether or not people should have the right carry guns, considering that gun control isn’t always the most effective measure, it is also likely that gun violence will also increase.

It’s difficult to predict exactly how states will respond, but considering the fact that many states have had poor gun control in place and most do allow the right to carry guns, things will get even tougher for lobbyists to manage.

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