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Controversial permit carry bill raises concerns about public safety

The controversial permit carry bill is a step toward greater safety in schools

A controversial permit carry bill proposal that would legalize permitless gun possession has passed another legislative obstacle. On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee voted in favor of a bill that would increase school security while legalizing concealed gun possession. Democratic parties, however, claim that loosening gun laws will lead to more brutality.

Find out more about the highly contested permit carry bill and what opposing parties are concerned about in this article.

A move toward public safety

On Tuesday, in a vote of 16-7, the House committee approved the bill (HB 543). This law would make it legal for anyone to carry concealed firearms without requiring them to get a state license, undergo a background check, or complete any additional training. The bill was named Permitless Carry at first, but later this changed to Public Safety.

The public safety aspect includes funding for schools to tighten their policies and implement other measures to improve student safety. These measures include sharing information about potential dangers, permitting armed guardians, and authorizing weapon-detecting dogs.

The bill is now set for the entire House's vote when the next legislative session begins on March 7.

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Democrat concerns about gun possession

The main reason why Democrats are against permitless carry is that it would make it possible to obtain a concealed carry permit without completing any sort of training. The legislation would remove the need for a concealed carry permit applicant to demonstrate knowledge of firearm safety, firing, and the state's self-defense regulations.

Their main worry is that the public cannot be trusted to carry firearms safely. It's not certain that those who own firearms also know how to properly store and use them.

What do you think of this controversial permit carry bill? Should gun laws be loosened in Florida, or is this going to make the state more unsafe?

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