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One of the most important rights granted to one upon becoming an American citizen is the right to VOTE.

This right is the most solemn of all rights because each vote counts and as history has shown one vote can make all the difference in any election. We had the pleasure of interviewing one of the candidates for Congress Souraya Faas.

She explained to us that while voting is a right it sort of also acts as a double-edge sword because it rewards politicians by winning the position they run for but it also reminds them that if they do not represent you or us appropriately the same can be done to them.

The primaries on August 28th will be a referendum as well as a reminder to both the “establishment” as well as those candidate(s) actively supported by the same. These elections will once again prove that neither party nor irresponsible candidate(s) will prevail.

Souraya Faas, ex-Presidential candidate, and currently a congressional candidate against rep. Carlos Curbelo for District 26 knows this game all too well. Against all odds and the establishment” Ms.Faas has slowly but surely climbed the insurmountable hill to unseat Mr. Curbelo for his lack of leadership. She claims to have seen the results of Mr. Curbelo's leadership or lack thereof closely and worries that her community cannot continue in this spiral downturn. It has come to our attention that the “establishment” aka “Never Trumpers” have tried feverishly to stop her candidacy with misinformation, as well as vile and non-factual accusations such as Ms. Faas being a Muslim when in fact she is Catholic. They have spread these untruths via social networks and among people friendly to Mr. Curbelo according to Faas. She stated that they have gone to great lengths in an attempt deliberately sabotage Miss Faas's candidacy to the point where Miami Dade Republican chairman Nelson Diaz sent out an email endorsing Curbelo before the primaries assuring everyone that Carlos Curbelo is unopposed. It was shared with the media and forwarded to/and by all republican executive committee members and local clubs throughout South Florida going against Bi laws of the Republican Party. According to Faas these “Never Trumpers/establishment” have worked very hard at blocking her fundraisers from both the private and the general populace.

Ms. Faas is pro-life and a principled conservative which entrusts only the will of her community, as such the motto of her campaign is “Principles above Politics”.

The United States has gone from being the land of opportunity to a land where it is a free for all and those who arrive illegally seem to have more rights and advantages then the hard-working American citizens who were born in this country.

Souraya refuses to use the word “undocumented” because anyone who enters the country without permission and/or enters with a visa and overstays their visit is automatically considered an illegal immigrant. According to Souraya no one can go to any other country in the world, overstay their visit, and claim to have the same rights as the citizens of that country and get away with it except here in the United States.

Souraya feels that the immigration system in the United States will remain broken so long as both sides can politicize from the situation as opposed to finding solutions. Souraya added that unfortunately the immigration laws in the United States were enacted in a way that make it impossible for them to not be broken. They were written with a hidden agenda in mind and which is and was to be able to reap the benefits of cheap labor.

America is a proud nation of immigrants and together we can keep it that way. Souraya’s proposal for immigration reform is a common-sense approach, she says that we cannot and must not give amnesty to everyone nor can we deport everyone. We must look at it on a case by case basis and establish laws that are set from today and on, because we cannot work backwards. We cannot change the past but we can prevent others from continuing to come into our country illegally.  Taking advantage of our generosity at the expense of our citizens’ hard-earned tax paying dollars is not something she plans to take lightly. Souraya explained that the laws must be made and applied fairly and equally to all people without discriminating on a particular group of people.

If she wins the seat in District 26, Souraya will make history by becoming the first woman of Arab / Venezuelan descent to win a seat in the Congress of the United States of America. For for this she needs the support of the honest citizens of District 26.

For more information about the candidate and her full platform, please contact social networks at @SourayaFaas or directly to the campaign's telephone number: (305) 330-3227

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