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Brightline is your ticket to easy, car-free adventures in South Florida and beyond

Discover the joy of stress-free travel with Brightline! Say goodbye to traffic and hello to convenience

For many South Floridians, the mere thought of navigating the notorious Interstate 95 can send shivers down their spine. But fret not, because there's a sleek, speedy, and stress-free alternative on the horizon—Brightline. These trains are not just a mode of transportation; they're a ticket to an enjoyable, car-free journey along the beautiful South Florida coast and even beyond.

Let's explore how to plan your next outing with Brightline, from prices and connections to what you can expect onboard.

Zooming down the coast

Brightline trains are like silver bullets, gliding effortlessly at speeds of up to 79 mph. As you whiz by intersections, you'll relish the sight of cars stuck in traffic while you bask in the comfort of Brightline's ultra-sleek cars.

Whether it's catching up on emails, chatting with friends, or simply enjoying the view, you won't have to worry about gas consumption or parking fees. Yes, it's true; convenience comes at a price, but with a bit of scheduling savvy, you can snag one-way fares for as low as $10, depending on your destination. It's time to leave traffic in the rearview mirror!

A Brightlinetrain arriving at a station

Your Brightline adventure guide

Brightline stations dot the South Florida landscape, from Miami to Orlando. The journey from Miami to Fort Lauderdale takes just 38 minutes, while Fort Lauderdale to Orlando is a breeze at approximately three hours. Ticket prices vary based on factors like trip length, time of day, and seating type. "SMART" seating offers affordability at $48 for a round trip, while "PREMIUM" seating, with its first-class amenities, costs $91. Don't forget to budget for pets ($10 and up) and parking ($7). For PREMIUM travelers, there's the perk of a free Uber ride within 5 miles of a station.

Onboard comfort

Brightline stations exude a contemporary, airport-like ambiance. After flashing your smartphone code and passing through security, you'll find yourself in an environment with food options.

Onboard, friendly attendants offer snacks, drinks, and sandwiches as you relax in hand-stitched leather seats with complimentary WiFi and power outlets. Cleanliness is a priority, with attendants ready to ensure a spotless journey. Plus, the spacious, touchless-flush bathrooms provide added convenience.

Getting around

If your destination isn't a stone's throw from the station, fear not. You can hail a free electric golf cart-style vehicle or opt for fixed-route shuttles in certain areas. Rental cars through Avis or bikes through BrightBike and CitiBike are also available, depending on the station. Brightline truly makes exploring your destination a breeze!

Things to do

Once you arrive at your Brightline destination, the world is your oyster. Explore Miami with its seamless connections to Metrorail, Metrobus, MetroMover, and the Miami Trolley. Discover Aventura Mall's shopping paradise, stroll through Fort Lauderdale's vibrant districts, or indulge in Boca Raton's culinary delights. West Palm Beach offers waterfront charm, and Orlando leads you to the magic of Disney World.

Special events

If you're attending a big game or concert, check Brightline's website for Special Event Shuttles, offering free direct service to major sporting events. Enjoy themed drinks and bar bites en route to Miami Heat, Miami Marlins, Inter Miami, and Miami Dolphins games or other special events.

Don't let traffic woes hold you back from exploring South Florida and beyond. Brightline is your ticket to stress-free, car-free adventures. Subscribe to Calle Ocho News' newsletter to stay updated on the latest news, inspiring stories, and travel tips in Miami and Greater Florida.

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