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Our body has more than 5 senses


Scientists discovered 3 more senses beside the Big 5 list

Our basic and vital senses (sight, smell, sound, taste, touch) are helping us to have a normal functioning on a daily basis. Recently, researchers discovered that our body has more sensory receptors beside the ones that we learned in school.

According to SciShow's video, there are three more senses that many of us didn't know we have and those are thermoception, equilibrioception and proprioception.


Thermoception allows us to be aware of our body temperature and keep it constant. The thermoreceptors  our skin tell us when is too hot or too cold outside or in a specific environment so we can avoid burns or frost bites. Then the thermoreceptors in our brain will regulate changes in our core body temperature and they will also regulate our behaviour. Basically, that's why you put a jacket on when it's cold or why we take off the jacket when it's too hot.


Equilibrioception gives us the understanding of our sense of balance and where our body is located in space. Your balance is regulated by a fluid in your inner ear and by some granular limestone called otoliths. These two elements are part of our vestibular system. When their place is modified, a signal goes to our brain and then we receive a command to adjust our position. For example, when you are spinning, the ear fluid and the otoliths are moved. You'll start to feel dizzy, nausea and inevitably you will lose your balance.


Specialized receptors in our skin, joints, and muscles help us to know where are our body parts without looking. They also help us to use or move our body parts without looking at them. That's proprioception. It will be really hard and exhausting to look at your feet every time you are walking.

Even though they are not a part of the Big 5 family, these 3 senses are also important, helping us to avoid dangers and have a healthy life.

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