Best places to visit in Miami this Spring

Are you excited to welcome spring and want to know the best places to visit in Miami? We’ve got the perfect list! 

Miami is one of the most incredible travel and tourism destinations in the world, and rightly so. With the most beautiful beaches, incredible city and nightlife, museums, arts and culture, and people from across the world bringing a touch of home to the city, it's the ultimate city to visit any time of the year. If you’re headed here in the spring, or you’re a local looking for exciting things to do, check out this list of best places to visit in Miami:

Explore the aquariums and zoos 

Miami is famous for its aquariums and zoos, which are home to some of the most magnificent species of wildlife, birds, and marine life. It doesn't matter how old you are or if you're traveling without kids—taking a visit to a zoo or aquarium is considered one of the best places to visit in Miami. Spring weather is generally pleasant, so it's a good time to get outside and walk through zoos and enjoy outdoor seating and showings at aquariums. 

Visit museums and go on walking tours

Miami is home to several museums, galleries, and all sorts of outdoor walking tours that are perfect given the need for COVID-related precautions— so you know what not to miss in Miami. Apart from guided museum and gallery tours or heading in on your own, you can go on one of the popular tours of Little Havana, or explore the Art-Deco District, if you’re looking for interesting and fun things to do in Miami. Don't miss out on these incredible choices because Miami's home to much culture and history—and of course, beauty! 

There are also other types of tours, such as, boat and ferry rides, bus tours, and more. But we recommend enjoying the gorgeous spring weather while you can!

Immerse yourself in beautiful parks and gardens

Since we're talking about the weather and being outdoors, there's no place better than one of Miami's botanical gardens or parks. Pack a picnic basket, grab your adventure gear and sun protection, and set out to photograph, explore, or watch dozens of flora and fauna in their habitats. You can explore the Everglades or hit state parks depending on your choice of activities. 

Party it up (safely) wherever you can 

Miami is known for its beaches, nightlife, and parties. While there are curfews and restrictions, and a lot of events have been canceled, there are various events still going on. You can find smaller gatherings or choose to attend events that promote strict social distancing. Another great option is to just chill out by the stunning beaches we’re blessed with

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