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Belle Valladares of Meraki Belle on the importance of balance and harmony in your life

Belle Valladares is a mental health therapist turned entrepreneur who helps people achieve mental wellness through guided yoga, meditation, and Meraki Belle

Belle Valladares is a yoga instructor, mental health therapist, meditation teacher, and founder of Meraki Belle. Self-realization and finding a real-life purpose inspired her to transition from the corporate world to being an entrepreneur.

After struggling with drastic changes in her private life, she became a single mother of three children, at which point she took a break from social and community work. This is where she decided to part ways with the corporate world and jump into the things that spoke to her heart—yoga, meditation, and helping others.

About Meraki Belle

Meraki Belle provides a variety of mindful living solutions and elemental therapies. According to her, elemental therapy is an effort to find the origin of your imbalances that can cause discomfort, anxiety, stress, or disease. Belle practice traditional psychotherapy that concentrates on the mind, body, and spirit system. The goal is to direct your true purpose in life with the help of meditation, breathwork, and yoga.

Every stage of life has its demands, and Belle is aware that everyone is at a different stage. Based on the atmosphere in the room and the client she is treating, she creates several specialized sessions and executes them. She provides tailor-made sessions on both virtual and private classes at the client’s place. She offers four different kinds of classes, including Enlightenment Session, Nirvana Session, Mantra Session, and Dharma Session. Each consists of a thirty-minute free guidance call where she discusses her client’s goals and improvement areas they wish to achieve.

Belle Valladares believes that humans need to find their right paths. Your path is something that enlightens you internally. Her purpose is to connect with others, help them navigate their feelings, and give them tools to develop.

What She’s Focusing on Right Now

Belle serves as a reminder that people are capable of finding inner peace by showing them how to access their life purpose. They don’t require society’s approval to do this, but they can achieve it through meditation and yoga. Meraki Belle reminds us of how our life experiences shape us, how much control our minds have over us, and how much more we can do if we’re conscious of these two things. Belle wants people to understand that they are in charge of their life choices and consequences, not the other way around.

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Belle’s current focus is treating clients that have anxiety. She is always researching various forms of meditation and finding ways to apply them to her work. Her goal is to offer clients a calm, secure, and friendly environment where they may practice yoga, build their unique yoga path, and undergo personal development. By first finding peace inside their selves, they can bring about peace in their external life and the life of others.

People can get free guidance calls and learn more about her work on her website.

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