The creator of Cirque (Josee Belanger) came up with this name while watching a glorious sunset in Hawaii.  When he researched the significance and symbol of the sun, he found the word referred to youth, energy and dynamism which completely captivated the entire cast or troop as the creator refers to them. That is how Cirque Du Soleil (circus of the sun) came to be.

Cirque Du Soleil studios have been creating, innovating and training since 1997. Performers from a variety of backgrounds have come together to embody Mr. Belangers dream of this colorful, magical world full of gymnastics, tumbling, swimming, acrobatics, diving, dance, singing and acting.

Ovo is a beautiful tale of the life of these insects. Set to  Brazilian & Mexican music,  watch their exotic, colorful lives as they investigate a mysterious egg that represents the cycle of their lives. more.

Ovo has found its way to Miami and has made a temporary home at the AAA (American Airlines Arena).  Opening night did not disappoint. Not a single seat was left unoccupied and the collective sounds of “oohs” & “ahhs” could be heard throughout the performance.

Patrons of all ages witnessed yet another stellar performance from these magnificent entertainers.


Entertainers such as this one (pictured here) completed a gymnastic slew of twists and turns that brought amazement to the crowd.


I have witnessed this show on two separate occasions and each time, their performance brought something new to the table.

I hope everyone had a chance to witness this phenomenal performance. If you didn’t, you definately missed out.

Maybe next time.


Roy Viera

Photographer and journalist