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Confirmed new Zika zone in Miami


5 people contracted the Zika virus in the targeted area

The Florida Department of Health confirmed a new area in Miami where the virus is present. The area from Northwest 79th Street to Northwest 63rd Street and Northwest 10th Avenue to North Miami Avenue, has been designated a Zika zone.

The health officials identified five people who contracted the virus in the specified area from which three live within the zone and the other two worked or visited the area.

Today's announcement of a new area in Miami of ongoing local transmission of the Zika virus underscores the urgent need for federal funding to combat the Zika virus. It has been two weeks since federal funding to fight Zika was approved by Congress and signed by President (Barack) Obama. However, Florida has not yet received a dime. We don't need bureaucratic timelines. We need funding now, said Gov. Rick Scott.

The governor has allocated $61.2 million in state funds to fight the virus, including $12.6 million to Miami-Dade County. He also stated that health officials have evidence to show that the virus is actively being transmitted in a small area of Miami Beach and in the new confirmed area.

Miami-Dade county is the only area in Florida with ongoing active transmissions. The Wynwood neighbourhood was announced by the governor to be free of the dangerous virus.

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