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Father of the Bride star Andy Garcia says he’d never return to Cuba

Cuban-American actor, Andy Garcia, says he cannot condone the current political climate by returning to Cuba

Earlier this week, the Hispanic reimagination of the timeless classic Father of the Bride hit HBO-Max in a streaming-only release. The movie, with its star-studded cast including Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan, who’ve been friends for four decades, has broken records already.

While Andy Garcia plays the role of Billy Herrera, a proud, stubborn, and traditional Cuban immigrant who’s built his life in Miami from scratch, the real-life actor’s relationship with his homeland is a bit more complicated.

Andy Garcia longs for home and demands better

In many promotional interviews, Garcia has expressed how his on-screen character Billy is really an amalgamation of the many Cuban immigrants he has known all throughout his life. Their values, commitment to family, and their pride are what define them, and it’s no surprise that he feels so strongly about the same.

However, despite wanting to return to Cuba, Garcia says that he cannot and will not be doing that.

His return will undeniably be met with surveillance and taken as implicit support for the regime, something which he cannot condone. In fact, he says, Cuban public figures who do return or live there already are watched very closely by the government.

A stunning photo of the beautiful Havana in Cuba.

How the film ties into his own relationship with Cuba  

The movie is a tear-jerker and feel-good film about the difficult transitions a family goes through when welcoming another. It’s a touching story of fatherhood, the immigrant experience, Latino culture (rope Vieja and mole, anyone!?), and, more importantly, the passion for helping others. It represents the struggle and success of many Cuban exiles who’ve built their lives up from scratch and how Miami has been at the center of that. You must watch it to understand all the emotions and incredible depictions of love, gratitude, and identity explored here.  

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