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5 ways to make summer learning fun

Summer learning doesn’t need to be a drag or a form of punishment when you use these tips and ideas

Both parents and kids struggle with summer learning, but it needs to be done to help kids stay in practice and keep them productive. Without it, it’s likely that all kids will do is consume excess media, have too much screen time, and get bored and distracted easily, which is why it’s important to make it more fun and engaging.

Here are some foolproof tips and tricks to make summer learning more appealing to your children and get them to participate more freely:

Pick out activities they’re interested in

The number one thing you can do with and for your kids is to ensure they’re having fun while learning in the summer. It’s not pleasant to be dealing with a mountain of homework and tons of math activities while their friends are out partying, playing, or traveling.

Find activities that they genuinely enjoy, whether it’s painting, cooking, or DIY projects, that they’d want to partake in alongside some more traditional academic learning. Balance is key when it comes to summer learning.

Explore existing or new hobbies together

Another excellent tip is to explore hobbies together. Whether it’s an existing hobby for either of you or a new hobby you take up together, this is an excellent way to bond with your child more effectively. Hobbies aren’t just pastimes; they’re valuable opportunities to learn new skills, develop a deep interest in a new subject, and just have fun. Summer learning doesn’t need to be restricted to books and tablets; it can be a real-life skill!

A young boy learns online on his laptop.

Build small, sustainable habits for each day

A very important tip to remember is that you should work on building small and sustainable habits via summer learning. If your child isn’t much of a reader, build the habit of reading together daily, or give them a set task to complete before bedtime, lunch, or dinner, depending on your goals. Smaller habits are easier to sustain than major lifestyle adjustments that happen overnight, and your kids will learn better and hold on to them longer when built-up consistently. 

Incorporate play and leisure time into learning

Make leisure a routine part of your summer learning activities; they’ll never have enough. Add play, games, and some form of activity to their overall learning schedule, such as dance breaks after every work activity, and it’ll make things all the more exciting. Kids require a stimulus; without one, it’s nearly impossible to keep them engaged for long, especially when this is added to learning on top of their regular education. Make things more interesting with incentives and treats, including mini-vacations, food, desserts, or some form of leisure activity that keeps them motivated to perform.

Be open to their suggestions and feedback  

Lastly, be open to their feedback and ideas. Your kids aren’t robots; you’d expect them to oblige and follow commands. They deserve a break too, and it’s important that you hear them out when designing summer learning activities.

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