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4 Amazing Painting Classes in Miami you Don’t Want to Miss

Turn off those YouTube tutorials and turn to these painting classes in Miami for some artistic fun

Painting classes in Miami

The city of Miami has a bustling art scene for all age groups. It has plenty of art galleries showcasing creativity that’s both mainstream and eclectic, but most of all, absolutely original. It’s also diverse, not discriminating against talent based on ethnicity, gender, or age.

If you don’t believe us, check out the following places where you can take part in painting classes in Miami as an adult, whether not you’ve ever held a paintbrush before.

Art Classes in Wynwood

Art Classes in Wynwood may call itself a “small art business,” but there’s nothing small about it, not least about its adult classes. The studio’s adult painting classes in Miami last two hours and take place every Monday, 11 a.m.–1 p.m., and Tuesday, 2 p.m.–4 p.m.

Each session costs $40, but you can’t just walk in like you used to before the pandemic. You have to register for a spot in the limited-capacity sessions. If they can’t fit you in their next session, you can also take remote and pre-recorded lessons at home.  

Sofia Art Academy

The Sofia Art Academy has been offering painting classes in Miami to adults and children since 1993. The private academy’s adult programs are highly-sophisticated and divided across multiple levels to accommodate beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners.

There are four “undergrad” levels, which are the prerequisites for the three Master’s levels that follow the program. The overall program is geared towards teaching constructive drawing, painting, and sculpting to adults and supporting them as they learn at their own pace.

A Young Teacher Watches as a Much Older Painter Runs a Brush Across a Canvas


Paint with Faith

Paint with Faith is a mobile academy that travels to the learner instead of having the learner come to them. Their School of Art offers several weekly and daily programs to students of all ages.

The center usually holds three sessions per day, with each session costing $20. A full day lasts three and a half hours, starting at 10 in the morning and ending at half-past one in the afternoon. There’s a different itinerary for every day of the week, so pick your classes wisely.

The Art Shack Miami

The Art Shack Miami is many things, including an Adult Open Studio. It offers learning opportunities to both kids and adults and allows you to make the experience a family activity.

The studio doesn’t so much teach painting, pottery, sculpting, and drawing to adults as it guides them in the right direction. It’s an open, non-judgmental space where you can just relax, find your media, and learn new tricks, tips, and techniques to streamline the creative process.

The class usually meets for one class per week that lasts around two and a half hours, but you may get the chance to attend the odd second class from time to time.

There’s no shortage of places to learn painting in Miami, and there’s certainly no shortage of information about those places on Calle Ocho News. Follow the news outlet to stay updated about the pop-up art events in Miami and get acquainted with the Cuban-American art and culture of the city. Sign up for the newsletter to keep in touch with this part of South Florida.  

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