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5 excellent ways to give yourself the energy assistance you need this summer

Summer in Miami can be pretty heavy on the pocket in terms of energy bills but you can save more and give yourself the energy assistance you need

Summer months in Miami mean hot weather, which means more air conditioning and higher energy costs. However, you don't have to go broke paying energy bills you can be creative and get energy assistance from changes you can make yourself..

Reducing your energy bills is not impossible or unachievable and very much within your reach if you plan strategically.

You can budget and give yourself energy assistance by planning ahead in the following ways:

Adjust your thermostat temperature

It's recommended that you keep your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher and have the thermostat fan set to auto. On days it's not as hot, and when you want to save even more, keep it at 82 degrees. The lower you set the temperature, the harder your system has to work to achieve that, and the higher the bill will be. This is why it helps to adjust the temperature based on these recommendations.

You can lower it sometimes as needed, but as standard practice, keep it at these energy-efficient temperatures during the summer months.

Dry your laundry outdoors when you can

Another pro-tip is to hang your laundry out to dry. A dryer rack is a lot cheaper than hundreds of extra dollars in energy bills, and it's a great hack for the warmer months. You can wash your clothes in your regular washing machine, but skip using the dryer. Instead, hang them out on ropes or racks in your yard, patio, or porch. They'll dry faster and use natural, existing light and energy. Here are some tips on how to keep them safe while you dry them.

Closeup of a white wall with white light switches.

Maintain and clean your HVAC system routinely

It helps to perform detailed upkeep and maintenance of your HVAC system. You can do a lot on your own, including cleaning and replacing filters routinely, making sure there's no frosting and other buildup, and checking for leaks and dripping that could contribute to pressure on the system. It's a simple yet powerful tip and one that most homeowners can manage entirely on their own.

Cut back on appliance usage around the house

While it may not seem like the ideal solution or option to many people, cutting back on general appliance usage is a major energy saver. Instead of using the dishwasher multiple times a day, stick to one full load and wash other smaller items by hand; do a full load of laundry instead of multiple half loads; shut off your air-conditioning system when you're not home. Look at manual or old-fashioned alternatives for small tasks, including using a regular broom and cloth for light cleaning instead of heavy-duty vacuums every day. Small changes go a long way in energy assistance and reduction.

Invest in energy-saving alternatives such as solar panels

Lastly, look into energy-saving investments and upgrades for the home. Solar panels, mini-turbines, and inverter-based appliances are some of the many ways you can save more power. Many of these investments seem like they'll drain your bank account, but they're actually more profitable for savings in the long run. Take a look at this article we posted to learn more.

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