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5 shoe styles everyone in Miami definitely needs to own

Miami locals need these shoe styles to make their lives easier and more comfortable

Living in Miami means you've got to have a great collection of footwear and outfits that are not only practical and suited to the weather and environment but also stylish. After all, you'll want to keep the most fashionable yet practical shoes in Miami.

5 recommendations for the best shoe styles to own in Miami:

Comfy, pool and beach-friendly flip flops

Living in Miami and not owning at least one pair of flip-flops is impossible. These simple, easygoing shoe styles are still a must-have for Miami's hot weather, endless beach days, and dozens of public and private pools that you're going to be spending time at. There's no place better than a beach or pool to spend your summer at, whether you're on vacation here or call Miami home.

Bonus tip: get flip-flops that are easy to wash and clean so you can get rid of sand and dirt.

Walking shoes or trainers that are good for daily use

Another essential when you're in Miami is to have comfortable, walking-friendly trainers or sneakers as options for shoe styles. There's no downplaying how much better you'll feel when your feet aren't cramping and blistered as you go shopping, take tours, or just go about your daily commute around the city. While it does get pretty hot and sneakers aren't the most obvious choice, a lightweight, breathable pair will be a gamechanger for your feet and your back.

A closeup of a person's trainers that are perfect as walking shoes.

Dress shoes for when you go to fancy restaurants

Miami is a hub of culture and fine dining, so you'd definitely want to keep dress shoes and heels for a fancier occasion. Choose neutral-looking shoe styles so you can match it with different outfits, but remember that you'll want to look your best at the hot new club, the swankiest restaurants, and the most thrilling parties around town. Many places will also have a formal dress code that requires you to dress up, including wearing closed, formal shoes, so have a pair ready.

Sandals that you can style up or down in the heat

On an ordinary day, or for more casual situations, though, dressier sandals are the perfect choice. Men can look at options like leather straps, while women can get wedges or strappier options, so it's a step up from flip flops and a notch more casual than dress shoes. Think cool rooftop party and the kind of shoe stykes you'd want to wear to that.  

Speciality shoes for specific outdoor activities

Let's not forget that Miami is one of the most exciting cities in the world, and there's an adventure at every corner. This means you'd definitely want to get your hands on a pair of specialty shoes that are perfect for various water sports and outdoor activities. This can depend entirely on you and the type of activity you prefer, from hiking to boating; your shoe styles should be supportive of those.

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