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4 Ways to Make Thanksgiving 2021 Prep Easier

Make sure this Thanksgiving 2021 you celebrate and appreciate all that you have in your lives. It's a holiday when many families and friends come together, eat, drink and appreciate this time together, but if you've ever been the one hosting, you'd know how stressful it gets.

This year, change things up and make it easier on yourself and your family by planning ahead and preparing ahead of time. Try the following tips and tricks for a smoother holiday:

Draw up your to-do list at the start of November

The best recommendation we can make is to make your to-do list at the very start of the month. From cleaning to shopping, draw up everything you need to do before Thanksgiving 2021 by November 15th. This will give you a game plan to work on within the weeks leading up to the big day.

This also includes making a separate grocery list for your event, so that you know what to shop for when the time comes. You'll thank yourself for stocking up on the essentials! 

Start on your fall cleaning around the second week

While it might be a tad early to 'clean' the house for a party or holiday, deep cleaning is time-consuming. Make use of this time to deep clean your garage, guestrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen, so you have a clean, fresh slate when the holiday arrives. It'll also make it that much easier to get through last-minute cleaning when the time comes. 

Another tip is to clear your dishwasher and empty the trash the night before your dinner party so everything is good to go and clean-up is much easier and faster. 

Prep and half-cook some foods a couple of days in advance

Pro-tip: always prepare and cook certain food in advance. You can make stuffing, gravy, even pie fillings a day or so before you either fully cook or serve them. Your turkey will also need a full day to thaw properly, which is why you should give yourself a headstart on that. The more you get done earlier, the better it is for your sanity! 

Outsource certain tasks and menu items if you can 

Don't be afraid to outsource tasks and menu items. Whether you hire a cleaning service or order desserts instead of making them, you're not 'failing' as a host. If you don't want to spend money (whatever the reason may be), you can ask friends and family to help out too! There's no harm in asking someone to bring a pie, some wine, or extra ice.

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