3 Reasons We Love Miami

We think it’s safe to say that there’s no place on Earth like Miami. Yes—given the moniker of ‘The Magic City’, the largest metropolis in South Florida is truly as magical as a place can get. Miami features a unique and exquisite combination of Latin traditions, laid-back seaside vibes, and a hip, urban culture. While we could go on for pages and pages about things that make Miami one of the prime travel spots in the continental U.S, we’ve narrowed it down to these 3 reasons we love Miami. 

The Beaches Are Spectacular

One of the 3 reasons we love Miami is the fact that there are very few (if any) beaches that can compete with the sandy shores of Miami. The Magic City offers over 15 miles of white sandy coastlines, where you can indulge in all kinds of activities. You can easily find outside gym classes, beach volleyball games, and of course, a virtually endless supply of sunbathing spots. 

Moreover, in Miami, you’ll find beaches for all occasions. You have BBQ-ready beaches, pet-friendly beaches, beaches for when you want to go skinny dipping, and ones that host sizzling parties after sunset. If you want some R&R, you can even go biking or rollerblading along Ocean Drive. 

Regardless of what your favorite beach activity is, the Magic City has got you covered. 

It’s a Foodie’s Paradise

If you’re a connoisseur of Latin cuisine, there’s no place that even comes close to Miami. If you want to taste the very best Cuba has to offer, just head over to Little Havana where you’ll find an array of restaurants that serve the most scrumptious Cuban dishes, cocktails, and coffee. 

And it’s not just Cuban cuisine we’re talking about—Miami is home to some world-class Puerto Rican, Argentinian, Ecuadorian, and Colombian restaurants as well. 

The Sizzling Party Scene

Of the 3 reasons we love Miami the party scene is gaining worldwide popularity. Similar to everything else in Miami, the nightlife has a distinctly Latino flavor to it—infused with an American flavor of course. South Beach, in particular, houses some of the world’s most famed bars and nightclubs, with some of the most prominent DJs playing mesmerizing sets that are sure to get your body swaying.

Cuban music is played in nightclubs all over Miami, and you won’t have to go very far before you find a lively nightclub—or ten. However, if you prefer hipster, trendy hangouts, places like Wynwood and Midtown can cater to your needs. Downtown Miami, on the other hand, is a hub of old traditional bars. 

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